Baby Shower!!


The Baby Shower has been rescheduled!! Its going to be at my sister Stacy's house in Chandler on Saturday the 18th at 1pm. Its at the address on the original invitation. Thanks to everyone for their love and support! We are really excited to see everyone at the baby shower!

The Details....


Well, as most of you know, Shannon was admitted to St Joes and stayed 18 days. Less than a week later, she was back in the hospital, this time at Chandler Regional. She was having random contractions, some worse than others. Because the babies were preterm, they were trying to hold off on delivery as long as possible. Finally, for many reasons, the doctors decided to stop all the medications to stop labor and see how she does. Wednesday night, Shannon wasn't feeling the greatest, and she had swelled up like a balloon all over her body.Then, almost all the sudden, she was having a very difficult time breathing The doctors did a few tests to see what was exactly was happening to Shannon. They looked for blood clots, pneumonia, and heart problems. All the tests were pretty inconclusive as to what was happening. The doctors got together to decide the best course of action. After talking with Shannon and I, it was decided that it was time to deliver the babies, and then fix Shannon. Our doctor decided because they weren't sure what exactly was happening, they chose to admit her into the ICU right after delivery. This was strictly a precautionary move to make sure nothing serious happened. After another round of tests, it was decided that her breathing problem was only fluid build up in her lungs. Shes currently is still in the ICU, but VERY stable. We expect to be moved downstairs to the labor and deliver rooms sometime early this afternoon.

Ava Renee and Adisyn Rose...


Ava Renee: 4lbs 4oz
17" long
Born @ 12:37pm April 9, 2009
Adisyn Rose: 3lbs 9oz
16" long
Born @ 12:38 April 9, 2009
Thank you to everyone that came to the hospital!



Late Friday night Shannon didn't feel to well. She is on home monitoring and decided that she should put on her contraction monitor. She had 4 contractions in an hour, was having some pain in her stomach, so we took her to the hospital. She was definitely having contractions, and they informed us that her water broke. Luckily its only a small rupture and they are planning to keep the babies in for as long as they can. The goal is to reach 34 weeks which is another 3 weeks. She will be in the hospital until the babies are delivered. Right now, they are monitoring her and the babies 24 hours a day, keeping an eye out for anything irregular that would suggest the babies are in trouble. At that point, they would elect to deliver the babies by c-section. Hopefully everything goes well, as it is now, and they can stay inside until 34 weeks. Luckily for us and our family and friends we are at Chandler Regional Hospital. A much closer drive for everyone. Thanks again to everyone for their love and support! God knows we need it!

Home sweet home!!


Shannon was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning. We got her home safely and she is now on bedrest at home! Thank God! She spent a total of 19 days at St. Joes. They feel that her contractions are under control and her cervix is no longer dilated. She will be taking it very easy until Ava and Adisyn decide its (the right) time to come. We are hoping for no sooner that the end of April. Thanks again to everyone for their love and support!

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