Father's Day


Father's Day celebrations started with going out to eat to celebrate with Shawn's Dad as he was going to be out of town.  Kelly and Issac came along with Shawn's Grandmother.  It was a fabulous dinner.  Shawn is such a special person and I am so fortunate he is the father of my children.  They could not ask for a better Daddy.  He gets and A+!

The girls and I took a cute photo for Daddy and then saved it to his phone for a surprise.  I also downloaded an album that he has been wanting on his iphone, which was a surprise too.  The girls made him adorable cards at school and he got a nice pair of Ray Bans.  
We didn't really do much. It was up to Shawn what the agenda for the day was.  We just hung out with the four of us and it was perfect.  Later that night my sister came over to have a slumber party with the girls and look after them on Monday while I went to work for a bit.  They all three fell asleep on the couch.  So cute!

holding hands

Shawn turns 27!


Shawn really wanted to spend some time up north just him and I to go fishing, sleep in, and have no worries other than what were going to eat.  We left after Shawn got off work on Friday.  Fortunately I had Friday off so I could get some housework done.  Its been neglected lately.  Saturday morning we woke up took our time getting ready made some breakfast and then started getting the boat ready.  We did not have the correct size hitch so we bought one and were finally ready to head out.  (this is the short version).  Once we got to Fool Hollow we discovered it was closed for a triathlon.  The ironic part is it was National Fishing and Boating week.  Saturday you didn't need a fishing license to fish.  Bad planning if you ask me.  We contemplated going to Big Lake and decided to just hang out at the cabin and relax.  We had a great time and enjoyed the spa.  We headed out about 11 on Sunday to get home at  a decent time.  We desperately missed the girls.  Later that day we met Shawn's family for a pool/BBQ.  Great food and Great company.  

Happy Birthday My Love!  Glad we could make the best of our unexpected weekend. 

Tumbling For Fun

Today was the girls' first tumbling class.  I enrolled them through the City of Gilbert.  At first I was a bit bummed that parents couldn't be in the room to watch them.  My girls were the only kids clinging to their Mom's legs.  They did not want me to leave at all.  As hard as it is for me to leave them when they want me so badly, I think its good for them to get out of their comfort zone especially with kindergarten starting in a year.  Once I was gone they warmed up rather quickly and even met a few friends.  They enjoyed it so much I'm thinking of getting them into something a bit longer than just the summer session. 

To celebrate their first class and to cool off we headed to Kea Lani.  The best shaved ice I've ever had.  Really good!  

the large size was ridiculously big!  This picture does not do justice. 

Mommy and Daddy are proud of you girls. 


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