Ava and Adisyn have been sooo excited for Easter.  First thing Ava said when I picked them up from school on Thursday was Ugh, I'm so excited for Easter!  Why does it have to be three days away?!

I of course took pictures!

She wasn't too sure about the carrot but once she got passed the taste she love chewing on it, so much so that I couldn't take it from her until I distracted her with a bottle.

 She dropped the carrot in a questionable position but it was too funny not to post.

Okay here's the cropped version.

I can't believe she's mine! (insert heart emoji)

Saturday morning was our neighborhood egg hunt and meeting The Easter Bunny.

Here's a video of the hunt.  The commentary is hilarious.  (We joked with the kids prior to throw elbows or whatever they needed to do to get those eggs).

Too cute.  Never mind Ava's band aid.  She refused to take it off.

Then it was on to coloring eggs.  Or as Ava would say tie dyeing eggs.  LOL.

After the kids were done coloring eggs they decided to run around and play.  Then the sprinklers came on and it turned to this...

The Easter bunny left behind some cute treats that they were sooo excited to see when they woke up.

Anxiously waiting for Dad to come downstairs so they can go hunt for eggs.

They were pleasantly surprised this year to find Shopkins and Petkins in some of their eggs rather than jelly beans they hated last Easter.

Then it was on to Grandma's house.

She had the kids play several games after another egg hunt.  It was such a great time!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon with more family at the annual picnic in the park.  Great day with great people!

Happy Easter, a first for this special angel



The girls had two weeks off for spring break, loving their new school schedule!  For the first week we headed up north before it's busy season for Shawn.  We had sooo much fun!  Despite Ava getting an ear infection, thank goodness for urgent care.

The weather was beautiful- warm during the day and chilly in the morning and evening.  One of the things we all love about going up north is slowing down more.  It's a place where I can actually drink warm coffee and spend more time outside than inside.

We weren't sure how Reece was going to do with the drive now that she's older and awake more during the day.  She did great and her big sisters were a huge help by feeding her about halfway going there and coming home.
 I took advantage of putting her in her warmer clothes that are cute... some she's clearly already out grown
 We walked everyday and each seemed to be a new adventure.  We searched for rocks, walking sticks canes, pretended we were stranded, imagined clouds as other objects.  We walked both the neighborhood and the woods.

These crazy girls we're reenacting "old ladies" with their sticks.

Notice the shoes... they wanted to be "fair"

Shawn and I enjoyed some time in the hot tub after putting the kids to bed.  It was so beautiful to see the stars so clearly.  
(This is the picture I get when I have to hold my phone backwards to use the flash)

The girls enjoyed it too

We had a few nights of bonfires.

Oh and the tooth fairy came to visit.  Adisyn's note cracks me up, LOL!

Wednesday evening more family showed up.  We did much of the same once they arrived.

The last night we were there Kelly had the idea to go bowling, a first for the girls.  It was a great time had by all but the best part was watching the kids bowl.  So fun!
Here's a video compilation of all three kids.

Before we knew it was time to head home.

Although we LOVE being up north its always nice to come home and get back into somewhat of a routine again.

My spring board

And because I LOVE taking pictures of these kids...

And of course worked on projects...
We visited new parks in our neighborhood

St Patrick's Day... Adorbs!

 Friday was my 33rd Birthday.  We celebrated by going to Postinos.

 We sat outside and it ended working out perfectly for the kids, they played, met friends, and could run around all they wanted.  Shawn and I want to frequent more often.

Then Saturday we soaked up too much sun at a spring training game.  HOT!
We left early and headed out to eat in Scottsdale at the Brat Haus, it was really good and a laid back environment where many played ping pong and cornhole.  I realized that day it was the longest we had been away from Reece.  Much needed!
We had an amazing two weeks but I'm not completely saddened they're back in school now.  Only two more months, approximately, until summer break.


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