Girly Girl


I can't take credit for these photos.  Shawn took them.  As I was getting ready during the weekend Adisyn kept herself busy with a mirror.  So adorable I had to post.  

Kiss for me!

Celebrating Isaac

Baby Brew Bash

This past Saturday was Kelly and Kenny's baby shower for their bundle of joy, Isaac.  It was a bit unconventional but seems that everyone had fun! Since it was raining out mostly everyone was inside, all 60 something people! 

The Invitation:

Party favor was a homemade brew to be opened once Issac is born.  

The Mommy-to-be 

The Daddy-to-be


Chugging contest of course out of a sippy cup


Sam even got a taste

Kelly and Kenny will be great parents.  We are all so excited to meet Isaac.

Sam turns O-N-E


Can not believe he's already one!  Time goes so fast.  We all had a great time at his little shindig.  Stacy and Dylan did a fabulous job making this a special memory for them, family, and friends.  

Cutest invite

In Sam's playroom they wrote his One Year stats.  So adorable and great memories for them.  

Party favor, the girls LOVED them

Look at what was inside

They had several stations set up, this was one of them.  

Sam wasn't into his cake that much.  

Nice stach Ava.

We Love you Sam and so excited to watch you grow!

Brock Turns 2


My cutie nephew turned 2!  Can not believe it!  He had a Bob The Builder theme.  So cute!

my brother drew this.  Very talented

Brock got a jeep, he LOVED it!  His laugh was priceless.

His invitation.

Unfortunately, I was mingling with family and mutual friends and didn't get many pictures.  Also, I was holding my sweet niece Abbey for over an hour.  

First time this year...


We decided to visit the zoo today for the first time this year.  We had a great time.  What a difference it makes going on a Monday.  Very few crowds to wonder through.  Shortly after we got to the zoo the girls were ready to eat lunch.  Since the zoo food is well overpriced and not that great I packed us a delicious lunch.  We hope to make this at least a monthly routine.  I get a good workout and have fun and the girls LOVE it!  win, win. 

We ate lunch at the Fisher Price Little People area.  

This is where we hung out for a few minutes while they took my order of french fries or hamburger. 

Fun Times!

We also made a trip to South Mountain for a hike.  We had never been with the girls and found out its not very stroller friendly.  Very bumpy ride. But we had fun and did something active as a family. 


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