I love Thanksgiving weekend! It's the official start to the Holiday season. The chilly weather begins, hot cocoa, cuddles, family pictures, holiday cards (which I look forward to every year), holiday movies and music, Christmas lights, traditions, and family time.  Past years the day after Thanksgiving is reserved for cooking our own turkey and decorating for Christmas.  This year Shawn got drawn for bull elk,  after 7 years of waiting, so he left the day after Thanksgiving en route to Show Low.  To involve him with traditions we decorated early.  Secret has it I've been listening to Christmas music for several weeks and wanted to decorate after Halloween (so did the girls).  But we ended up waiting until the week before Thanksgiving.  It is so much fun to open the box of ornaments as most have sentimental value.  The girls handmade ornaments from school, their first Christmas ornament, and The Polar Express bells it's so neat.

 Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

This year I decided to brave making an apple pie from scratch (what was I thinking) and our infamous sweet potato dish that we've made a few years now.  The girls helped with the apple pie.  

Then it was Thanksgiving Day.  As tradition has it we always watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade followed up with football.  I was feeling like a new person when I woke up at 7:30 to feed Reece.  After an emotional breakdown and probably feeling guilty for leaving me a second time to go hunting Shawn volunteered to get up with Reece for every feeding.  I did have to get up to pump but even so it was a much needed break.  I haven't had that much uninterrupted sleep in several months, long before Reece joined our family.  It was awesome!!!!

Before heading to our first stop we decided to get a few family pictures.  Abby is always at our feet and having her in the picture was not intentional.  But I must say its pretty adorable that she looked right at the camera and it turned out perfect. 

These three girls were looking so adorable.

Our first family selfie...

The first stop was Shawn's parents' house.  There lots of extended family got to meet Reece and love on her the entire time.  It was nice to have a little break from her. 

 It was a great time visiting and eating some delicious grub.  There was a minor fire but overall it was a success.  The sweet potato dish with the marshmallows got too close to the burner and caught on fire some spilled out on the rug but Shawn was able to contain it and the dish had an extra delicious touch.  Catastrophe adverted.

Then it was off to our second destination.  My brother and his wife just bought a house so they hosted this year.  There Reece got spoiled even more.  I don't have as many pictures I think as the day goes on I take fewer and fewer.

Here's a blurry picture of children (minus two) that can't stand still.

After indulging in some delicious dessert we headed home to relax and soak in the day before bed.

Our little turkey had a great first Thanksgiving.

To finish out the weekend we headed to Stacy and Dylan's house for the second annual movie night.  Last year we watched The Polar Express before actually going on The Polar Express in Williams, AZ.  Ever since the girls still ask to watch it.  So this year we were just as excited for the tradition to continue.  This years movie was How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  Even though Shawn and Papa couldn't be there it was a great time had by all  some. 

Stacy had the thoughtful idea of getting the kids ornaments to paint and color.

 Nana bought all the kids the cutest pjs.

 Proof that at one point they were all being well behaved and sitting.

Cutest kids around!



Pictures are worth a thousand words...

And she's done!

Love my little big family!


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