House to Home


So Shawn and I have been working hard at transitioning our house to a home.  Pictures to follow soon.  I am thoroughly addicted to home decor.  While during the process I want to rip my hair out.  Like the time when Abby stepped in the paint dish and took off up stairs, leaving behind painted foot prints.  Our natural instinct is to yell at her "NO"!!!  Which for some dogs works, not Abby.  The louder we yelled for her the further she ran, leaving behind her steps until eventually the carpet cleaned her paw.  Needless to say she was banned outside until we were done painting.  Or the time our make shift broom stick with roller broke and left bounced roller marks on the living room carpet.  Yeah good times.  Hashtag NOT!  Through the frustration, sweat, and lots of laughs the outcome is so worth it!  As are both really liking the rustic with modern twist, beach-y, farmhouse feel.  Quite the combo I know. We realized our builder grade chandelier in our dining room does not match.  So I started making mood boards to help with the vision.  Below are some of my ideas/inspiration. 

kitchen lighting

Track light

CB2 orb light

Black shades

Lowes table lamp

We just painted the living room/kitchen gray.  I want the dining room to be a different color but was struggling to find that perfect color.  Well after some inspiration from my sis-in-law I think I found it.  Although the thought of going out of my comfort zone is very intimidating.  I am so sick of brown, light brown, dark brown, and some black.  Goodbye BROWN!  So here goes nothing...

Such a beautiful color.  We'll see! 

On to another subject.  We bought our bar stools not that long ago from craigslist but realized they are not what we want, so we sold them.  To keep our open feel look we decided against a bar stool with a back.  I found these on overstock and have fallen hard.  

More inspiration from some of my favorite blogs...

{white cabinets with subway tile back splash}

{rug in kitchen to bring some color}

{really like the stripes, although hubby vetoed that idea}
really like the sunburst mirror.  I've had sad attempts at my own DIY and they are not cutting it any longer

Just like an awesome outfit, our house needs accessories too...  yes another mood board. 

kitchen/dining room design



So the past few years we’ve gone to Flagstaff to enjoy the training camp for The AZ Cardinals.  Well they sadly no longer practice there but we wanted to go anyway.  Shawn and I were the first to arrive.  We headed to Lumberyard Brewery and enjoyed some artichoke dip and great beers.  We then headed to three other places to enjoy music and more craft beers.  By the end of the night we stopped at Greek Islands.  First time I ever had greek food.  We got a cab back and slept in until 9 something the next morning.  A rarity.  It was nice to spend some time with Shawn alone.


We all headed to Brandy’s for breakfast on Saturday.  Just as amazing as last time.  We did some shopping around and then headed back to the townhouse for a nap. 


For dinner we headed to Diablo Burger.  A must when visiting Flag. 

We then headed back to Lumberyard.  We got a table outside and sat there enjoying the weather and the company for hours.  It was a riot!!!  The pictures below will give you the idea…


the best blood mary I have ever had


shot, shot, shot… We my father-in-law had lots of them


another shot and an awesome picture



and more shots…


It actually got really cold at night.  Here’s Nana and Shawn trying to warm up Papa while he cuddles Isaacs’ blanket.







the view from the driveway of the townhouse we stayed at.  Beautiful!

On Sunday Shawn and I decided to visit Walnut Canyon Monument.  It was only about 15 minutes from where we stayed. 




inside one of the many cliff dwellings.






It started to rain a lot so we decided to head back home to get our babies.  We hope to go back sometime and go all the way down the trail. 

While we were away the girls spent time with Grandma, Grandpa, and aunt Toria.  They had a great time and didn’t want to come home.  They got to go shopping and see Planes. 


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