Shawn and I have wanted to make hiking more of a priority in our life.  Not just hiking but exploring this beautiful state to discover gems that we didn't know existed.  It's easy with children to come up with reasons why we shouldn't or why it would be difficult.  Every time we push those feelings aside we never regret it.  Reece at this point has been our biggest obstacle aside from the constant complaining we get from our twins.  This time I got smart and bought a candy bar for a treat if they didn't complain.  Bribery, although sometimes frowned upon, can be highly effective.  We also bought this back pack carrier.  Once properly adjusted its a great backpack and was effortless carrying her.  This was an easy hike, very kid friendly and perfect for our first family of five hike.

This picture Reece finally spotted the horses.

I have a new love for cacti.  Most of my life I never appreciated their beauty.

We enjoyed spending quality time together, admiring the majestic wild horses, starring into the horizon and the beauty that surrounded us.  The girls loved collecting shells, playing in the mud, and snacking on candy bars and bacon bits (what Ava referred beef jerky to, haha) during our picnic.  We still can't believe we've never been there at least in our adult lives and its only a 30 minute drive.  Well worth the trip and we can't wait to go back someday.  In the meantime we have other destinations to explore and mountains to climb.


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