Sedona trip


We had a great time in Northern Az this past weekend.  We started our trip in Jerome, where shawn and I fell in love with this cute town, we look forward to going back and spending more time there.  Everything around from the buildings to the streets had so much character.  The weather was beautiful!

 Old buildings that we loved!

View from the edge of town

In Jerome we met up with the rest of the group and enjoyed some delicious food.  Shawn and I had to ditch the double stroller becuase we couldn't fit in any of the doors or resturants.  Its always an adjustment taking our family places, we're getting better but still don't have it down.  After lunch we headed to some of the wineries in town.  Our first stop Caduceus, this was also the first time Shawn and I have ever been wine tasting.  We are very interested in wine (especially me) how its made what foods it compliments.  I previously always had white wine, although especially after this trip I have aquired the taste of red wine much more. 

 Our Flight

Second stop was Bitter Creek Winery.  This place had equally good wine, one of my favorite wine was tasted here.  Towards the back of the winery they had the most amazing veiw we couldn't help but take advantage of.

The next stop was Pillsbury in Cottonwood.  They had incredible wine and some of my favorites.  One of which was actually served at the white house... yes we have expensive taste...jk. After Pillsbury we stopped by one last winery before heading to Sedona where the house we were staying was located. 
About this infamous house...Can I just say AMAZING!  The house was so rediculously outdated it was awesome. Felt like we were back in the 70's.  Kelly and I decided we were going to do our version of MTV cribs becuase we had to capture the features of this home, we have yet to see it but should be very interesting. Just outside the back of the house led to a small creek where the fish were diggin the cheese.  We got some great photos and enjoyed the fresh cool air. 

Adisyn spotted a dog on the overpass bridge above us..."Dog, Dog"

After we soaked up some of the scenery and the weather we headed into downtown Sedona for some lunch.  We walked the entire downtown area and then decided, being huge Cardinals fans, to head to a local bar and watch the game.  The girls were a little restless and Shawn was anxious to get home so we left before the first half.  Don't think we missed out though, the girls fell asleep and Shawn and I listened to the rest of the game on the radio.  We had a lot of silent screaming and air high fives, we were not about to wake up our sleeping angels.  We had a great time and the girls did too!

Captured in downtown Sedona...we will be back to see you!

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kristi said...

Shawn's hair is so short! Looks good :)
What a FUN trip!! Your gals are as darling as ever Shannon!


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