After our clean up at Butcher Jones we decided we needed a few kayaks.  After some research we decided it would be best to get a large air-up boat so that way we can all 5 fit in it.  We had fun and took turns rowing.  We saw tons of people in kayaks and paddle boards.  I packed a lunch that we enjoyed on the lake.  I mistakenly forgot to grab a bottle for Reece, whoops.  So when nap time approached I was successful getting her to fall asleep on me for about 5 minutes and then it was decided to head home after we didn't want to deal with her mood.  It was a great trip though and we were there for about 3 hours.

What I didn't tell you was how damn heavy this damn thing was.  Shawn also wanted to get a trolling motor and a battery.  Can't even imagine how much weight that would have added.  It was completely unrealistic for us to carry to the water every time.  Not to mention we couldn't help but notice the ski boats in the distance.  We ended up returning the boat for a full refund, thank you Amazon.

So... this happened

We're now owners of a money pit.  We've had so much fun and shared so many memories already.


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