Going Private!!!


So, I have been thinking about our children having an internet footprint at only 20 months and not really liking it.  And Shawn being a very protective Daddy and after watching an episode of  Criminal Minds, which he is obsessed with, requested to make our blog private.
For the 7 of our amazing followers I will need your email address, if I don't already have it.

Baby Brock

Brock David Wrenn
Born January 13, 2011 @ 7:14 pm
7 lbs. 15 oz.
20 inches long

My eyes getting watery just looking at his picture.  What an amazing blessing it is to have a nephew.  There was never a doubt that I wanted my own children, but I always wanted to be an aunt first.  It is so exciting for me to know that my children have a cousin to play with.  It excites me that my Mother is blessed with another Grandchild.  It excites me to watch a piece of my Brother and amazing Sister grow.  It excites me that the name of our father will be passed down.  The list goes on and on but the most exciting thing for me is to know that my Brother, someone whom I admire and adore,  will be able to experience the gift of being a parent. 

(he looks just like my brother) 

The Girls First Haircut

The girls finally got their first real haircut.  I felt that it was getting too long for as young as they are and Shawn wanted to rid them of their "baby mullet".

It is so sureal to see them get older.  Such a bitter sweet moment. 

Snow Day

Shawn and I were so excited to take the girls to see the snow.  New Years Eve weekend we got the chance.  Driving up to Show Low was fun...NOT!  To be honest it wasn't bad but I think I aged my husband a little bit more than usual that day.  I was so nervous and back seat driving just a little bit.  (On the way back home I made a promise to myself unbeknownst to Shawn to not say one word about his driving, especially if I didn't want to drive).  Fortunatley the girls were troopers and handled the snow much better than I did when I was their age.  They didn't really smile or cry so, I couldn't quite tell what they thought.  We had fun and I had never seen snow so fresh.  We look forward to taking the girls at least once a year to play in the snow.  Perhaps next year they can actually play in it.


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