For years we've talked about camping in or near Flagstaff, but we've been creatures of habit and stuck with all we knew (for the most part).  After our day trip to Sedona and exploring off road we discovered a new camping area that we were so excited about that is less than a week we were back.  Only this time we were in our home away from home.  We had plentiful of razor rides, hammock hangs, roaming Flagstaff, infatuation of trains (Reece) infatuation of Reece's reaction to the trains (us), and even cave adventures.  


The entire trail is almost 12 miles long and can only be driven by 4x4 vehicles that are high clearance.  We did see a few cars, crazy, and saw a nice 4 runner get some considerable damage.  There were lots of jeep tours so if you don't own a high clearance vehicle that could be an option.  The view is incredible!  The change of terrain is beautiful.  Look in one direction and you see the red rocks Sedona is known for and then other mountains were thick with trees.  We stopped at one area along the road to enjoy a drink and a snack- highly recommend.  


This mile-long lava tube cave was formed about 700,000 years ago by molten rock that erupted from a volcanic vent. It's recommended for each person to have several flashlights because it is completely dark!  Looking at the entrance to the cave (pic shown below) you'd have to be a little crazy to enter.  Honestly I wasn't sure how the girls would do.  Reece sleeps in a dark room, but Ava and Adisyn sleep with their bedroom light on, to our dismay, so I was certain they would freak out a bit.  I was so wrong!  They did so amazing and even led in front of me and warned me where loose rocks were or slippery rocks to be cautious of.  Shawn held Reece most of the way and was undoubtedly the MVP.  I've wanted to check this place our for years so I'm glad we were finally able to check that off the list.   

This was certainly a trip to remember!


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