Weekend Trip to Show Low


Sometimes Shawn and I get caught up in life and forget what is really important! TIME!!! Its one of the only thing you can't get back.  Seems that the older I get the faster it goes!  Anyway... On my way to picking up the girls on Friday, Shawn texted me... Wanna go up north?  Normally without packing or planning I would have said No.  Something inside of me said why not?!  We ended up having a great time and for the first time in a long time (even with my kids around) I was bored!  It is always nice to head out of the heat and enjoy a little getaway!  We really didn't do much at all, which is exactly what we needed!

Ava loves stacking and lining anything up!  She is our genious ;)

Can you get any cuter... I think not

They are inseperable!!!

Giving hugs... notice the babies!  They can not get enough of them!

Precious AVA

Precious Adisyn

The girls like to do their fair share of household not really they just like doing anything that mommy does!

So CUTE!!!

Our morning walk

I have been trying to show my girls what it is like to live a healthy active lifestyle... so this morning we took a walk (they have been loving walks) to the lake across the street.  They love being in the stroller and looking at the birds.
Ava really wanted to play with the ducks

Check out the duck flying away.... (I love may camera)

Ava bent down to get a closer look!



Shawn and I made the decision that no matter what we would always take an annual family trip.  We want our girls to experience the world (or as much as we can give them).  This year we decided to go to California and escape this dreadful heat!  We all four had such an amazing time.  Last minute we decided to head over to Cali Thurs early afternoon.  We wanted to take the girls to Sea World so, we stayed in Downtown San Diego at the Marriot, which ended up having the best view!  That night we ate some dinner and headed to bed.  We thought it would be better to get two beds in the hotel. 
It ended up that Shawn and Ava were in one bed and Adisyn and I were in the other.
 Even though I couldn't snuggle with my hubby I slept rather well! 

We couldn't resist eating at Hash House again!  Love that place!  They have the most interesting dishes that are huge!  After stuffing our faces, we headed to Sea World.  The girls had a great time and still talk about what Shamu does as they slide they're hand up and down. So cute!  It was so exhausting for all of us, so we only ended up being there for about 6 hrs.  Plenty in my opinion.  After Sea World we headed to Beautiful Oceanside where we stayed for two nights.  Shawn's Aunt's boyfriend let us stay at his apartment.  It was cute and perfect decor for an oceanside (literally)
apartment.  The best part was amazing landscaping that reminded me of being in Hawaii. It was so beautiful!  We mostly hung out on the beach the rest of the trip, it was AWESOME!

The girls are ready to go!

Gaslamp San Diego

View from our hotel room... Petco Park

 One of our favorite places to eat!

 It was soooo good!!!!!!!!!

Shawn's favorite!

 This pancake was HUGE!  I don't think this picture does justice!  By far the best pancake I have ever had, no need for syrup!

 This was a really cool billboard!  The shadow is made from cork screws! How cool!



The girls tried cotton candy for the first time and naturally loved it!

look at that cheesy smile of Adisyn

The girls got a stuffed Shamu and a Dolphin that we named Snowflake


Oceanside Harbor

Ava could not get enough of the water.  Adisyn on the other hand like playing in the sand... the water not so much!

toes in the sand

Daddy helping with a sandcastle

Charlie on the pier

The apartment complex had a pond where you could feed the coy fish.

We had a great time in California and look forward to wherever we are going next year!

When Shawn and I were dating and became serious we made a tradition that we would always get a picture frame for every new place we had vistited together!   This is our picture frame from oceanside, isnt't it cute!



We took the girls for a walk and decided to let them play on the playground nearby. They had so much fun! Before we left they were going down the slide all by themselves! They amaze me!

The girls have started showing more and more interest in the potty!  So I made them their very own potty chart!  So far they love it and its working impressively well!  Each time they go pee they get one piece of candy and a sticker, each time they go poop (which I have yet to witness) they get two pieces of candy and two stickers.  I think they feel proud when they see on their chart how well they are doing.  So far today Ava has 3 stickers and Adisyn has 2!  Very proud Momma!
Notice the baby that Ava will not put down!

Today I also took the girls to visit a new doctor, one that is closer to home.  They had to get two shots today and they didn't cry even one bit!  First time ever!  They are getting so big!  Also some good news they are now in the 25 percentile for their height and weight.  Still little beans but they are growing normal!


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