Long overdue I know, better late than never right?
We had an amazing time in Puerto Rico! So much that we plan going back sometime. There is something about the Caribbeans that is so amazingly beautiful and unlike any other place in the world! I took about 700 pics way too many to post. I think you'll get a good idea of what we did from the few below.

We for sure wanted a couple of days to do nothing but hang out on the beach and have one our favorite new beers... Medalla Light.  The beer of Puerto Rico.

These picture were taken from Old San Juan.  That day we rented a jeep and cruised around with the top off, that is until it started pouring rain on us.  In Puerto Rico is sprinkles often although it felt so good, it was incredibly humid!  Old San Juan was for sure a good trip.  We got to see the Fortress and the Capital and the roots of Puerto Rico.  The streets were so amazing with the narrow pathways and cobble stone roads.

These are random pictures of where we stayed.  Beauty Everywhere!

The rainforest was by far the best experience, well next to kayaking through the Bio Bay.  We hiked some serious rocks and waterfalls, but it was an unforgetable time.  After we hiked for a while, then the really fun part began... Ziplining!  We had such a great time and the veiws were breath taking.  After our exhausting hike through the rainforest we got a chance to eat some true Puerto Rican food.  We went to this family's house where they cooked for us.  The food was delicious but most of all it was such a cool experience to eat with this family and see the true sides of the natives.  The area we were is a very low key town, most of the people have been given their homes from ancestors so very few people have a mortgage.  Most of them have just part time jobs to pay for food, clothing and such needs.  So everyone is very laid back with not a lot of stresses in life.

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

We took a all day catamaran/snorkeling trip.  It was a lot of fun, but they crammed way too many people on one boat.  Even so it was worth it to see the beaches.  The water was so crystal clear, it was straight from the discovery channel.  Something you only see on tv.  The small island we went to was pretty cool, nothing there but people that came to dock.  Everyone was doing flips off the boats, drinking, snorkeling and listening to Bob Marley... Can't ask for anything more.

Beautiful waters

After the past year that we had.  We needed and deserved some time away.  Puerto Rico was the best solution.  Towards the end of the week it was definetly time to go home to our babies. 

 Our honeymoon in Puerto Rico will always be a great memory.

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