A day full of love, kisses, hugs, hearts, and everything pink and red. Valentine's Day lately is just an excuse to take cute pictures of my kids.  So I did just that.  This year the girls were super excited for their party at school.  We made a card holder out of a pancake mix box.  They approved!  We got the girls a stuffed animal (because they don't have enough), some candy, water bottle, and a journal to draw or write in.  Shawn and I don't normally exchange gifts, which we're fine with, but I did get a few gifts but best of all was a few hours for myself and no cleaning or cooking for the entire day.  We also made yummy cupcakes to celebrate.

I came home to this on my bed.

The main event...

These are the poses of their choice

We also enjoyed some time out by the fire after Shawn and I had dinner outside by ourselves.  Loved!  I asked the girls a few questions that I have to document.

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
Ava: To remember the people that died for our country. (LOL, not exactly baby girl)
Adisyn: No Ava, it's the shooting of love and this chocolate taste like heaven.

What is your favorite thing about Vday?
The candy and spending time with friends and family.  And I love hearts and the color red.

Adisyn also disclosed (after talking about school and friends for a while) that Ian said she was hot. Shawn asked what that meant and she said well he thinks I'm cute.

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!

Happy Valentine's Day!



This past month has been the most fun by far.  She is beginning to smile all the time and giggle often.  She is developing such a cute personality and we are smitten.

At her 4 month visit she got three more vaccines.  Wha Wha.  She was not happy about it at all!  But the good news is she is progressing above average in all her measurements.  She is also hitting all of the important 4 month developmental milestones.  Her doctor was overall impressed with her development and maturity at this point and doesn't compare her to most premies she cares for.

Here's her stats:
Length: 23.4 inches
Weight: 12 lbs.
Head Circumference 15.4 inches

Side note: at four months Ava weighed 12.3 lbs, Adisyn 11.5 lbs.

She still has a great appetite eating 4-6 oz every 2 hrs during the day and 5-9 hrs at night.  She hasn't been sleeping much during the day.  She takes 10-30 minute naps throughout the day which hopefully will change when we get more of a napping schedule in place.  At night she sleeps amazing!  I lay her down between 6-7 pm then waking at about 3 am and again at 7 or 8 am at that point she is ready to be awake for the day.  I'm sure when teething begins her sleeping schedule will be interrupted but hopefully not too much. Sometimes I will let her cry fuss a bit when going to sleep as I know she's fine but just fighting her rest.  Majority of the time she does great falling asleep on her own.  When I go in her room in the morning she always has the biggest smile for me, its the best.  I tried to record it but when I get the phone out she is mesmerized by the phone and not me and won't smile.

She loves sitting up whenever possible.  She loves going on walks and sleeps the best, during the day, in her car seat.  She loves being outside and in her baby bjorn.  She tolerates baths now but still hates tummy time.  She LOVES watching her sisters too.  She loves grabbing at things now, sucking on her hand or arm, she hates a pacifier.  She has given herself hickies from sucking so much.  I've noticed that she does it even when she's not hungry.  She's also recently found her feet and likes to stare at them.  I have a feeling the expression foot in mouth will have a literal meaning very soon.  She is getting more and longer hair.  Blonde as ever.  I think she will have lighter hair than her sisters.

Lately we've been enjoying the weather outside, Reece tried out her sisters camping chair.  At first she liked it and was smiling at Daddy, then it turned into this...

It's sad but so cute when she is about to cry she will make a pout face.  I don't let her be sad for long.

She drools and spits a lot these days

Below is a video of her giggling that I just can't get enough of.  The high pitch squeal is my favorite!

Her sisters a very attentive to her as always.

I was able to witness Ava trying to console her baby sister by touching her head, reading a book to her, giving her a blanket and pillow.  Cuteness overload!!! 

Reece, we adore you!

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