How We refinish furniture


The thought of refinishing furniture was a bit scary at first.  What if I completely screw up the piece?  What then?!  Well, with the help of my Hubby and some trial and error.  We pretty much got it down!  It all started when we got hand me down furniture for the arrival of our sweet angels and the original color was not our fave.

I love getting a good deal on quality furniture and making it our own.  We have yet to get too creative with our pieces but I certainly plan to especially from all the inspiration from here

Here are most of the projects completed…






edited chair pic

Fall To-Do List…


Since its officially Fall {despite the hot weather, I am super excited for the holidays} I wanted to make a to-do list.  The thought of hot chocolate and tea cuddled on the couch with a blanket and sweat pants sounds fabulous!

I’m thinking of getting some fall décor also to get our home in the spirit.  Can you believe that we don’t have any?!  I’m also wanting to make a wreath for my front door.

Thinking about all the décor plans having a mantel would be pretty handy.  Lets be real having a fireplace in AZ would be nice from time to time but not practical.  I guess you don’t have to have a fireplace to technically have a mantel… hmmm…oh Shawn

Anyway I thought I would put together a list of things that I want to accomplish this fall.
  • Pick pumpkins with the girls.  For the past three years we have taken our kids to Schnepf Farms.  This year will be no exception and I am so excited! 
  • Make a fall wreath
  • Thanksgiving run of some sort
  • Buy/make some fall décor
  • Carve pumpkins… maybe a family competition.  Who carved the best pumpkin?
  • Make pumpkin pancakes, bread, and other tasty treats
  • Family pictures
What are your fun plans for Fall?

Beer & Wine


I recently got a subscription from Phoenix magazine, my fav magazine material.  I don’t care for the Phoenix home and garden, seems like majority of it advertisement and the other is décor that is either out of my price {frugal price range} and just not really my style.
Back on track… Phoenix magazine is awesome!  I love finding new restaurants and things to do and see in this beautiful state.
The October issue is right up my alley.  It’s entitled, you guessed it.  Beer and Wine
My check off list of bars/restaurants to visit entails…
Beer_Hops edited
Boulders on Broadway 30 Beers on tap and 100+ bottled
Copper Blues 64 Beers on tap and 40 bottled
World Of Beer 50 Beers on tap and 500+ bottled
The Yard House 114 Beers on tap and 8 bottled 114! I’m there!
Sleepy Dog Brewery 12 Beers on tap and 8 bottled
On to the wine…
red wine edited
Vine Expressions in Gilbert
Vintage 95 in Chandler
Down Under Wines & Bistro in Gilbert
Postino {didn’t make Phoenix magazine’s list, however I would like to go}
We have some date nights in our near future!  Yippee

{There are lots more, but these are the ones  I'm most interested in}

Room for TWO

After we are done with the dreaded backyard the next task to check off the never ending list will be the girls room.  I want them to have an adorable room, just like them.  I also want them to have room that is only for sleep and relaxation… {3 yrs old… What is relaxation, right?}

I’ll elaborate. I yearn for their room to be place where they of course sleep, read, and watch movies. 


Their toys are kept downstairs in their playroom, which is where they will stay.  In the past we had issues with their toys being kept in their room.  After naptime or bedtime, it looked like a tornado went through, they even managed to remove all of their clothes from their dresser and somehow a knob was missing from it as well.  This was one of the moments when I had to walk and away and come back to handle the situation.  Ughhh.  Fortunately in our new home we have a designated space for them to put all their princess attire, dolls, and other toys.

Anyway back to the décor…

Thanks to google and pinterest I found some awesome ideas.


My girls insist on sleeping together, in the same bed.  They currently have a queen bed that they share, so this would be perfect.  I also the love the décor on the wall that way I don’t have to think of a headboard idea.  plus its super cute!


I love the idea of the wood trim with hooks and letters painted the same color. LOVE!

comfy chairs

It’s a must for them to have some comfy chairs for them to snuggle on and read.  I plan to get average sized chairs so they can easily grow into them.  As fast as they’re growing, it won’t be long. {frown face}

curtains for closet

My plan is to put shelving in their closet and forego the dresser.  Not necessarily like this photo.  I do however really like the idea of a curtain rod with cute curtains.  Reason 1. easy access to closet, it’s a pain to have to move the closet doors from one side to the other.  I found myself really only using one side.  Reason 2.  fingers won’t get smooshed.

shelf behind bed

If I incorporate a shelf behind the bed, then I’m thinking they won’t need night stands.  Love the DREAM letters and the mini lamp.  Also the pillows!


Color scheme.

Can’t wait to start!

To be or not to be…


A vegetarian…

My curiosity began years ago when I was helping a patient at work.  He was a 70 something year old retired MD.  He looked so good for his age and his medical history was flawless on paper.  After talking to him for some time, he revealed to me that for most of his life he has been a vegetarian.  He believes that his diet is a reflection of his health. I happen to agree.

My sister-in-law Stacy has also sparked my curiosity most recently.  Just a few weeks ago I heard her say it was her responsibility to be a healthier person now that she a Mom.  That comment really made me think and wonder. 

I have done some research of my own and statistically vegetarians live about 8-13 years longer.  Shawn and I have always talked about wanting to watch our great grandkids at least be born.  Due to bad eating or eating meat being a consequence of so many diseases primarily cancer.  It’s a no brainer.


-I love meat… Love!

-I feel the best lifestyle of eating is moderation.  However in a perfect world meat would only be consumed by farm raised animals with less hormones and other dangerous and wasteful ingredients.  However, the downside of that is the expense.


-Live longer

-Feel better

-Lose some weight

-possibly less money at the grocery store.  I plan to have a full running garden in the spring. 


{I know there are many more reasons but to me these are the most important}


veggies 1

First Cardinals Game 2012

Finally Cardinals Football season has begun.  Yah! Yah! {doing my party dance} Shawn and I decided to host the first game.  We had set up a nacho bar complete with custom made jersey signs and pennants on the brownies, football plates and black and red beads. 

We started off the season with a W

Despite the awful temp refs the boys managed to defeat Seattle 20-16

PicMonkey Collage


jodi and I


Good Food and even better company.  We all had a great time!


The girls were exhausted once everyone mingled home.  Ava fell asleep on her coloring book so I took advantage of picking her up and cuddling on the couch while Shawn took Adisyn on a walk around the block. 

Great end to a Fab weekend. 

Rascal Flatts


I was lucky enough to be invited to the Rascal Flatts concert featuring Edens Edge, Little Big Town and Eli Young Band.  Edens Edge did awesome!  Little Big Town did a phenomenal job they had some humor with their show as well which was fun.  Eli Young Band did okay, much better on the radio.  somewhat disappointment. 

Of course Rascal Flatts put on a great show! 

The weather was a bit concerning at first since we were on the lawn seats with nothing to escape from the rain.  Fortunately it sprinkled and was windy but it actually made for enjoyable concert weather. 

During an intro to a song Rascal Flatts mentioned there would be surprise guests.  We assumed they were referring to a surprise guest singing with them.  Boy were we wrong! 

All four of us girls were star struck that night.  Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw were arm distance away from me!!  They were dressed in disguise and walked through the crowd of the lawn area.  They wore black KNIX shirts with black cowboy hat and an obviously fake mustache. 

Very cool experience!


Labor Day Weekend

We had such a great weekend.  Like usual it went by too fast!  It wasn’t until last minute we decided to head up to Show Low for some down time, exploring, and cooler weather.  Prior to heading up north we planned to have craft time with our girls.  So Fun!

Home Depot host a kids workshop the first Saturday of every month.  Best part is its completely free!  So, we did not hesitate to take complete advantage of it.  The girls got an apron with their name and pin with the project they completed.  They did really good but lost focus from time to time looking at all the other kids working.  We got to spend some real quality time with them and we had fun doing it.  I am hoping to make this a monthly routine since it was so awesome. 











HD girls


Once we got home we started packing and headed on the road. 






Sunday morning Shawn and I went for a hike.  Being in the mountains is so peaceful.  Feels as though all of the stresses in life are diminished.  Fortunately we brought ampule amount of H2O because our GPS for some reason wasn’t updating and we got a little off track on our way back.  I wasn’t complaining.  I loved being there.  Once we got back and freshened up a little we headed to one of our favorite places.  Moose Henri’s.  I enjoyed the sampler {craft beers} once again and was not disappointed.  For lunch I had some jalapeno cole slaw and cheeseburger with pepper jack and avocado.  Not diet approved but good.  

Sunday night Shawn and I enjoyed the night time crisp air in the hot tub {alone}.  We talked for several hours and even saw a few shooting stars.  Memorable night.  Memorable trip.


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