10 Months Old!!!  Can't believe I've already started planning this little ones first birthday.
Oh she makes us smile and laugh so much.  Her personality shines bright!

She's still into everything and is now crawling (not army crawling).  It took her a while and Shawn was convinced she was going to stand before she crawled.  She has perfected her yoga positions and does what looks like she's trying to stand and then she goes to her bottom.  Most recently she's learned to peek her head through to see her feet upside down.  Soooo cute!!!!

She also loves to pull herself up on just about anything.  She will just stand there, but not for long before she falls to her butt.

Another new thing is her laugh and smile.  She now loves to tilt her head back like the picture below. It is pretty much the cutest thing ever and is so contagious.
She still has 6 teeth.  Eating has been pretty much the same except even more solids.  She has decided almost the entire last month that she can't sleep through the night without eating.  She wakes up about midnight and then again about 4 a.m.  I've contemplated letting her cry it out, even though she doesn't cry more like whine loudly, but I just can't let her whine for more than 10 minutes.  Sometimes she will fall back asleep, but most of the time I have to get up with her.  We try not to take her out of her crib at all so she is asleep again in no time.  Nearly every morning I walk into her room and she's sitting up in her crib.  I suspect it will be sooner than later before we have to lower her crib as she's pulling herself up already and is quite the dare devil.  I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to get herself out.  I've also had to start disciplining already, she bites hard.  Nap times have been very easy and bedtime is uneventful as well.  Although, she has been staying up later.

She loves watching baby development shows and any cartoon her sisters happen to be watching. She's much more attentive than her sisters were.

Every chance she gets she's looking for her sisters.  It's safe to say she's obsessed.

She also says da-da-da-da just about all day long.  Shawn is convinced that's her first word and I could agree, but I don't think she actually says it to Shawn.  She says it more when she's playing with her toys or swinging her arms around.  It's cute though.

Another video for documentation.

And more pictures because I just can't help myself.


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