Cardinals Football season 2011-2012


It has finally come the Cardinals football season!  Yah!!!!!!!  We celebrated the first game visiting Molly and Shaun house with the company of family and friends.  We won to the Panthers 28 to 21!!

We taught the girls how to hold up their arms and yell "touchdown"

Cutest little cheerleaders around!

They were cheering and Adisyn fell over.. I caught it mid fall... turned out cute though

Adisyn sneaking a little nose pick

Enjoying some grub

Me and my Love


The first game of the season fell on Sept 11th 10th anniversary! 



Originally Shawn and I had plans to go hike the Grand Canyon Labor Day weekend.  We ended up changing our minds last minute due to going out of town the past two weekends and being uterly exhausted!  We had a great time just spending some quality time at home.  Sunday we had our good friends Nicki and Justin over with their two kids Gavin and Danika.  It was so nice catching up and doing something fun with them!  The girls love playing with their kids. 

Cutie Danika

Ava and Adisyn loved helping out with Danika.  They'll make great big sisters someday!

Gavin, Adisyn, Danika, and Ava

Shawn has a hard time holding other babies... none compare to his own

The little-big kid table

The girls try like to help me with laundry
Aparently Ava thinks her panties need a hanger too!  She did this all by herself!

Then she decided to put the hanger around her neck

And get it stuck

My sweet princesses

Our bbq got interupted by Rico's infactuation with cats.  He got a huge 31/2 laceration on his leg we think from chasing a cat.  So we Shawn ended up spending 2 hrs in the animal hospital waiting for an evaluation and then 2 more hrs for his surgery.  It ended up being a fun, exhausting, expensive night. 

2 hour surgery and a drain later!


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