We decided to head up to Flag for some much needed R&R.  Flagstaff is such an awesome town, I have completely fallen in love with it.  We were lucky enough to have a place to stay for free which made the trip even better.  Once we got settled in we headed to the Sky Dome at NAU to watch the Cardinals practice.  It was rather humid and extremely crowded.  I did get to see Fitz so that was cool.  I am looking forward to the season to begin. 



After we found our way to downtown we stopped by Diablo Burger.  A bit on the expensive side but oh so worth it!  By far the best burger I have ever had.  I decided to get The Cheech.  very juicy and delicious!


Our next stop was Mother Road Brew Co.  Initially we were sitting outside but it wasn’t too long before we had to move inside due to the rain.  We found a little seating area towards the back of the place.  It was the coolest atmosphere I have ever been in a brewery.  The area was set up like a living room and right next to where we were was a garage door that we got permission to open.  We enjoyed some delicious beer sitting on couches and watching the rain. 





The rain slowed down a little bit so we all decided to move on to the next destination. 










Then we made our way to Hotel Monte Vista to hang out in the lounge.  This was the point of the night that our group of 8 went to 4.  We enjoyed a cold beverage and then made our way back to where we were staying.  Of course we thought it would be a great idea to stop by the gas station because we didn’t think we had enough to drink already.  We finished the night with some delivery pizza and hit the pillow, literally

For breakfast we tried out La Bellavia.  It was so fantastic and highly recommended.  The service was okay but the food made up for it.  I opted for the Fiesta eggs which included country potatoes and warm freshly made tortilla.  Great food!

After we were done eating we decided to browse around for some shopping.  I ended up picking up a few cookie cutters and some really comfy shoes that were on sale.

It was quickly time to head home for our babies. 

photo (1) (2)

It rained a bit on the drive home, but not too bad.  I have recently discovered my obsession with mango tea.  Love it!


We all had a great time visiting Flagstaff.  I would like to back some time soon when there is less of a crowd. 

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