Gone Fishin’


We decided to do something we don’t normally do with the girls and go fishing.  We headed to Riparian, a first for us, it was a cool place and reminds me of Veteran’s Oasis with more people.   This was the second time we’ve taken the girls fishing.  They enjoy it but get bored easily. 


After the girls experience with the duck at the zoo last week they were a bit frightened to see this.  The ducks/geese kept us entertained for awhile and we even spotted a turtle.














Sadly we left without any fish.  Ava says “well now what are we going eat now?” LOL  After that question it was decided lunch was next on the agenda.

We tried out this hot dog place right by our house.  We’ve wanted to try it out for years and finally did. 




It did not disappoint!!!  Awesome and we will definitely go back only next time we’ll ride our bikes for some exercise and added fun!

When we got home it was actually warm out so the girls played in the sprinklers in the backyard.  They asked to turn the water warmer so it was still a bit cold.  But they had fun!






1-7.  Phoenix Zoo.

Okay this week was a bit of a cheat but that’s perfect in my book because it was so fun.


This duck was getting a little too close for comfort.  As soon as it spotted the girls food he started charging.  I had to step between them as the zoo probably wouldn’t approve of me booting the duck into the lake after it bit my children. 









I guess every kid loves this monkey statue.  The girls didn’t want leave.



Taking pictures of all the animals.


8-14.  SHOW LOW.



Our morning walk.  The girls had to bring their babies.


   Shawn spotted a javalina. 

      IMG_5213   IMG_5214

      IMG_5217   IMG_5228



Shawn is lucky enough right now to have Thursdays and Fridays off.  So I’ve been trying to take as many Fridays off as possible for long weekends together.  Presidents weekend we decided to head up north.  We drove up Thursday and left Sunday.  It was awesome as usual.  We did what we always do.  Chill. 

Made me smile…

I downloaded some kid approval songs to my iphone to listen to while in the car.  Towards the end of the drive we all get a little more antsy so I played a compilation of their songs.  I looked back at Adisyn as the song “Let it go” was ending and she says “Wow my ears really enjoyed that.”  Too cute!

We all greeted Kelly, Kenny, and Isaac when they arrived Friday.  Kelly went into the room to take her shoes off and Ava asks “why does it smell like cheese in here?”  LOL

I love the things my girls say.  They make me smile everyday!



1.  My Photographer.


Adisyn loves more than anything, almost, to sneak my phone away for some camera action.  Its funny to see the pictures she takes.  A lot of are the t.v.  This one shown is her sister.

2.  Sleeping Beauty.


I love watching my kids sleep. 

3.  Girls weekend.

Shawn was away this weekend so us girls hung out together for some bonding time.  We didn’t do much run errands, play at San Tan mall, eat ice cream for lunch, and play at the park.  It was fun although we did miss the man in our lives.

4.  Pictures from afar.


Shawn sent me many pictures from his trip.  Which I enjoyed immensely and makes me have an urge for camping.

5.  Models.


6.  Reminiscing.


While Shawn was away and the girls were sleeping I decided to look at some of the first blog posts.  I love looking at the pictures, especially this one.  I remember like it was yesterday.  Adisyn kept squishing her face like so because we laughed uncontrollably.  Look at those two little teeth.

7.  Coconut water.


Coconut water has so many benefits.  I’ll be honest the first time I had it a few years ago I didn’t really know what to think.  Its an acquired taste.  I’ve been making a lot of fruit/protein smoothies lately and incorporated coconut water instead of plain water (which I drink plenty of) or a juice with entirely way too much sugar than I would like.  The mango flavor is so good I can drink it plain, its my new love.

8. New bling.


…just in case I ever forget my name.  LOL

9.  Winter Olympics.  I haven’t watched a ton so far but some of the sports excite me.

10.  Spring Training.  Can’t wait!

11.  Singing Happy Birthday for Aunt Stacy.


We practiced beforehand.  They prefer to just sing “Happy Birthday to you” about 20 times. 

12.  Artist.



Parenting… Uh the hardest most rewarding job I’ve had.  Last week the girls decided to get their markers out and be creative.  Apparently a white door is just not good enough for them.  I’ve learned you either laugh about it (when they’re not looking of course) or get mad.  We chose to laugh.  These times will not last forever.  Especially when Ava with her convincing tone says “we just wanted to see how tall we are” (she also needed to measure her sitting as well). That does not mean we didn’t have a discussion about it and take the markers away.  The joys of being a parent.

13.  Camera sleeve.


I LOVE my camera however because its rather large its not the most convenient to take places.  I have a small point and shoot which takes good pictures too but I really want to get better at photography and auto setting does not do that.  I do have a nice bag to keep all my accessories and camera protected but I don’t want to carry essentially two purses (etsy has some really cute camera purses).  I found this sleeve on amazon and its perfect for what I’m looking for.

14.  Family complete?

I read this article on facebook and it really hit home for me.  You can read it here if you’re interested.  Having two girls especially when we had them at the same time raises an eyebrow for some.  I get comments almost daily… No boy?  When is baby #3?  Your husband is in trouble!  Wait until they’re teenagers. You have to have one more.  I can go on and on which sometimes doesn’t bother me particularly if the comment is from a friend.  However complete strangers that’s a whole different story.  Don’t get me wrong if we happened to have a boy in the future I would be thrilled and if we had another girl I would be equally thrilled.  For some family’s they may truly feel incomplete but that’s not for everybody.  Having a son would not make our family complete.  We have two daughters yes, but they are amazing and complete our family in every way.  Shawn is the luckiest guy ever to have three more amazing females in his life to love him in every way he needs and deserves.  Not to mention our girls can get dirty with the best of them and even play with bugs too.


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