Whats been goin on at the DeLeon's


Lately things have been more crazy than normal, somehow we'll manage to get through it.  Recently we took the girls to the park down the street.  They loved it but were a little too daring for our liking, we don't need anymore trips to the ER! 
Most of all they loved the swings.  They could have stayed there all night long!  It was fun to see them so happy. 
Got some great shots too

So, the girls especially Adisyn have been doing everything I do, well trying.  It is so entertaining and unbelievably adorable!  They have this new thing of trying on all the big girl and boy shoes laying around... Ava had a little help from Daddy with the boots. 
She gave it a good effort!

We always make time in our schedule for the Cardinals. We won't talk about the game but hey, we're
1-0! We are unable to do some of the celebrations we like to do but we had fun anyway and brought the party home. Ava and Adisyn shared in the endeavors with munching on some veggies, of course whats a game without cheeleaders and shamefully so staring at Mommy and Daddy scream and shout at the t.v.
Its no wonder they are wild!

In a nutshell things have been rough but good!  Speaking from myself Shawn, Ava, and Adisyn keep me grounded in these crazy times.  I am so blessed to have such healthy beautiful babies and an amazing, supportive, loving husband.  What more does a girl need....


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