Thanksgiving Weekend


Wow!  What a great holiday vacation it has been!  So, sad to see it go.  The holiday seasons this year have far surpassed the past seasons.  Possibly because our girls are getting older and more fun! (with challenges of course).  We started our Thanksgiving day with the 4th annual Turkey Waddle 5k walk/run.  Proceeds this year went to a 13 year old girl with leukemia.  We had a great time and girls loved it as well,  all though its no wonder.  The girls were bundled up in their stroller eating Lucky Charms and Gold Fish the entire time.  If I could only be thankful for one thing this year it would be the health of my family and myself.  Breanna, was a normal 13 year old until she noticed bumps all over her torso.  Her parents took her to get tests done and they were hit with the horrible heart renching news no parent wants to hear.  It was an honor to support her and her family.  (whoo... Talk about a tear jerker).  After the walk we got ready and headed over to Shawn's family first.  As always the food and entertainment (Kelly, you know what I'm talking about) was top notch!  After we got stuffed we headed to my brothers' house to spend some time with my family and enjoy lots of pies!  It is such a blessing to spend much needed time with our families.  Unforntuatly, I was not in the mood for picture taking so there are none.  
Shawn and I were going to head up north, but decided not to and it is a good thing because the girls got a terrible cold.  We thought it would be best for them to stay cuddled inside and when you're sick there is no better place than home!  Since we didn't go we were able to whip out the Christmas decor.  Of course this year the girls are much more interested in the world, so we have a child gate that surrounds the tree.  Kind of is a bummer to look at but it beats the alternative.  Couple weeks ago my dear friend Tara took some pics of us... Here a couple I really enjoyed!

Most would think... Family Pictures, How Fun!  Ha not for us!  Adisyn was in a rare mood and kept giving her attitude face with head tilt and eye brows scrunched and Ava just wanted to run around and play.  It was more stressful than fun!  However, Tara manged to get some good ones. 
I couldn't wait for the cd so they have her logo.  Just helping you out Tara, free Advertisement!

Cutie Ava

Cutie Adisyn

This is Adisyn temping to smile... sometimes she can really test me as a Mom!

How cute!

This is the infamous and all to familiar Adisyn look.  Love her anyway

Just a side note... Adisyn and I are stepping out with our right foot.  Shawn and Ava are with their left.  How Cool!

I love you Shawn!


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