Its been Too Long!


Well well it has been too long!  I was trying to be good about updating for so long and fell off the wagon.  Proud to say I'm back on!  I like to keep this blog for not only familly and friends to see but for Shawn and I  to look back and reminiscence.  

Las Vegas '11

Shawn and I recently took our "husband and wife" vacation.  This year we decided to go to Las Vegas... primarily due to my HS reunion being held in the Sin City itself.  The reunion ended up getting post poned due to not enough purchases.  Anyway we enjoy Vegas and needed to get away.. plus we already booked our hotel.  We had the best time. Slept in a lot!!!!  We made some great memories and sure to be returning!

The beautiful parts of the drive... Almost to the border of Nevada

I have always wanted to ride the Gondolas in the Venetian.  So this time we decided too.  We had a great driver (I guess you could call him)  He had an amazing voice which help with the ambiance! 
For a split second it almost felt like we were in Italy.

Enjoying Breakast!  We were looking for a place that was amazing and couldn't forget and we found it! 
Hash House A Go Go
Ahh... the food was to die for!  (not literally of course)  We were referred from the concierge desk at our hotel. 

The BEST Bloody Mary I have ever had!

I ordered chorizo and eggs!  Once again the BEST!

Shawn ordered biscuits and gravy... yes there are biscuits somewhere in there.  As Shawn and I were stuffing our faces we discovered at the very bottom of this incredible goodness was mashed potatoes!  Ahhh DELICOUS!
We look forward to visiting the location in San Diego in a couple of weeks!

Mingus Camping '11

This year the infamous Mealey Mingus Camping was extra special.  Why you might ask?  It was the first time our girls have ever been camping.  They loved it and I loved seeing them get dirty!  It was fun because we were camping I didn't care if they were dirty and didn't care if they got me dirty.  I love camping and always have.  Shawn and I remember some of our fondest memories of growing up were camping and we are so excited to share that with our daughters and future children. 

Adisyn loving her first and new camping chair!

Minugs Lake... think thats what its called.  Such Beauty. 

Daddy and his girls by the hangliding ramp. 
Talk about unbelievable veiw.  Although Shawn and I were anxious to get out of there.  With the girls we were on edge and couldn't get comfortable!  We just have to see this amazng scenery everytime we are at Mingus.

Mommy and her Girls
Family Fun Day! (Today)
Today we spent some really fun quality time with the girls, my Mom, and sister Victoria!  We had so much fun!  We decided to take them to the San Tan Village mall.  We have passed the water play area and have never taken them.  They had a great time!  That is when the older kids left!  Once it got pretty hot we headed to the Dairy Queen for some cold treats!  We had such an amazing time and can not wait to take them again!

My beautiful amazing Mom of mine with the girls

My little-big sister!  Where does the time go!

Such precious memories!
A Day Just Hangin' With The Girls!

Adisyn refused to take these glasses off!  She even wore them to family dinner at Dave's BBQ! 

It's moments like this that take my breathe away!  Just when you feel so done with the normal stresses in life you see and experience moments like this.  Shawn is such a perfect Daddy!  I truely don't know what I would do without him.  I feel so blessed to have my babies grow up with such a strong father figure. 


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