1.  This is so ADORABLE.  Her laugh is contagious!

2.  We went to the zoo on Saturday as my plan to hike The Natural Bridge did not go as planned.

Not long after we arrived it started raining and was a bit miserable.  Lets be real its Arizona.  It very rarely rains all day.  We hung out under a owning for a few minutes and then made our way to the Orangutans.  They kept us entertained for awhile.  Seemed the weather made them much more active than I've seen in the past.  Both Shawn and I agreed it was the best time we ever had at the zoo.  I think it was because the weather was amazing, once it stopped raining, plus we weren't in a hurry to go anywhere after and the company was great too.  It was the first time we took the girls without their stroller.  Ava got a back ride for a bit but otherwise they did fine.  We thought it would be good practice for Disneyland as they will not have their stroller there either.  I really don't want to deal with the hassle.   

3.  41 days until Disneyland.

4. First swim of the year.  For the exception of their plastic pool in the backyard. 

It was freezing!

5.  Shawn scored these lawn chairs for free!  They are a little faded from the sun and some spots of rust but with a few cans of Rustoleom spray paint they'll be like new again.

They are currently on our patio but I'm hoping to eventually transform our patio to something like this...  and move these chairs on the extended patio.

Belmont 4-Piece Brown Wicker Patio Thick Woven Conversation Furniture Set   Atlantis 3-Piece Patio Sectional Conversation Furniture Set    Kontiki Monte Carlo 7 Piece Sectional Sofa Set

6.  Ava's choice of attire to go to the store.

I recommended she leave the blow dryer in the car but she says "Mom I love it so much".



Our Easter festivities started with an egg hunt in our neighborhood.  We were surprised how many kids came.  Love living in such a young family neighborhood.  The girls had a blast and got the concept from past years to open the eggs at the end.

The eggs were just thrown around the lawns.  They had each area separated by age groups to make it more fair.  

The Easter Bunny made an appearance too.  The girls were not brave enough to take a picture with him but they did insist on taking a peek at what he looked like.

Saturday we dyed eggs.

The girls being the artists they are made chalk eggs.



Easter Morning.

The girls got a towel in their baskets along with some candy, coloring books, kite, and cards.

Second egg hunt in the backyard.

Ava found the golden egg this year.  She was so excited!

what was inside... one dollar bill!

Then it was time to head over to my Parents house.  There the girls had more egg hunts.  We enjoyed ham and other yummy foods.  And of course spent some much overdue time with Brock and Abbey.

 And the kids made rice krispie treats.

We then headed to the annual picnic at the park with Shawn's family.  The girls again had another egg hunt and enjoyed lots of playing on the trampoline and swing.  I apparently wasn't in the picture taking mood because I took none.

I love holidays when we can be together and enjoy each others company.

Happy Easter!



In early celebration of our anniversary and a day date we had a our own beer tour.  Places that are not kid friendly or just not as fun with them.  Our original plan was to go to the culinary festival in Scottsdale but the crowds, lines, drive, and expense wasn’t worth it to us.  Best decision we made.  We had a blast just the two of us!

We started our adventures at Desert Eagle Brewing in downtown Mesa.  A first for us.
I matched this place well with my camo skirt.  Seems the owner likes guns and anything to do with them. 
This was their tap set up.  Notice the bullet, grenade, and artillery shell.  Here’s a close up.
Here’s my flight.
Cool look!  The beers were good.  I’d go back!
Our next stop was the infamous Four Peaks Brewery.  Surprisingly Shawn has never been and I’ve only gone once years ago and didn’t even order a beer :/  We loved it!  We’ve had their beer a lot so our flight wasn’t a surprise tasting.  The place is huge!

My flight…
This was the view directly to my right.  Awesome seat at an awesome place. 
We started with spinach and artichoke.  It was the best we’ve had.
For our meal we decided to try the white pizza. 
Very good!  This place would be fun with a group of friends and family.  Bigger and more roomier than San Tan.

Finally on to our third and final stop.  Huss Brewing
This tasting room just opened about 6 months ago.  It was small, cozy, and in a strange location but it was very good.  We were the only ones there when we first arrived but it wasn’t long before people started trickling in some seemed to be regulars.  My personal favorite is the Scottsdale Blonde.  Really good beer.  We got a tour of the place.  Completely deceiving from the front how incredibly big the back is where all the brewing takes place.  They also have what they call Downward draft or “Detox to Retox”  every Sunday they have a yoga class in the back where they brew the beer then when you're done you get a dollar off a beer.  Get it Detox to Retox.  Awesome!  I'm thankful that others share my passion for detox and retox.  Its a balance right?  I’m thinking a girls morning is in the works. 
My flight.
They serve their flights with mason jars and chalkboard covered lazy susan.  This place has some originality and will definitely go back, hopefully, soon. 
It was a great day we had a blast!
Our souvenirs.



I decided to take the girls actual birthday off work to make them feel so special and have a day to do whatever they wanted (within limitations of course). 
     IMG_0680    IMG_0683
I was awake earlier to get some things done without disturbing their schedule.  As soon as they woke and I smothered them with birthday hugs and kisses they decided to watch a bit of the Disney channel and of course eat fruit snacks and drink chocolate with strawberry milk. 
They always want to put on make up so after they were dolled up we headed to McDonalds for breakfast.
Today they decided to play and then eat and then play some more.  Typically I would insist they eat first but I let it slide, no pun intended.  After we were done and I doused them in hand sanitizer we went to Target for them to spend their birthday money.  It was funny because when we got to the cashier I gave the girls their money so they can pay the cashier themselves.  Adisyn handed her a five dollar bill.   She didn’t want to give up her money.  I can relate.  We had a conversation about how she can earn more money so we may incorporate a chore schedule so they can learn how to earn and save.  Hopefully. 
What they picked out.  And the monkeys had to be in the picture too.  Ava finally got her “little” Legos.
After shopping we headed to park for some outside fun.
The infamous monkeys they haven’t been away from other than bath time since their party.
kid approved snacks.
After swinging and their cheeks turning bright red from the heat it was time to head home and paint our nails. The girls don’t ask for help anymore they prefer to paint their own.  Which are without a doubt “rainbow” colors. ALWAYS.IMG_0720
After relaxing for a bit it was time for an early dinner so we took them to Peter Piper Pizza.  They had an absolute blast!!!
After much determination the girls finally got the 300 ticket winner (well the adults won it for them).  The girls actually made out good and got a total of 1040 tickets.
Faces of focus…
This was the best I could get while they were playing on the slide.  They were laughing so hard it was priceless to witness.
They ate candy before dinner and actually didn’t eat pizza until we were in the car.  They were just too busy to eat.
For dessert we had frozen yogurt to finish the festivities.
The day was a success!

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