We have been working full force to get our house to the cozy home we long for.  This past weekend was extremely productive.  My hubby helped A LOT.  He needed a break from this traitorous heat and the yard work that still desperately needs to get done.

One of the many projects achieved was this amazingness!!!

eat sign

Very Bold Here-I-Am letters E-A-T. 

Wanna know how we  Shawn did this…

{Here’s a tutorial}

We went to our local Home Depot on a hunt for the perfect sized pieces of wood.  And success was found where the lumber for fences were.  Even though the wood we used is originally meant for building a wood fence.  It was the perfect width and depth!



We figured out what the dimensions were going to be… Then my Hubby put his manly tools to some good use and cut away. {our letter are 20 in. wide and 22 in. tall}


We then secured the pieces of wood together with these brackets.  Also from HD.

The Letter “E” was simple and well as the letter “T”.  When we got to “A” well we didn’t have the tool we needed to figure out what angle to cut the boards to.  Thankfully I married a very smart man and He figured out it was 15 degrees.


We then secured just a simple picture frame holder from Target.  We orginially were going to paint the letter a burnt orange but since the wood is so pretty we thought we could keep it rustic and not so perfect with stain.  {stain that we already had}






Once the stain had dried we measured where we wanted to place the letters on the wall.  My Hubby placed the hanging brackets strategically positioned so when he hung the letter the same distance {2 inches} from each other they would be perfectly aligned. 

I can’t take much credit for this project.  My Husband did majority of the work.

Idea originated from

Dinner for Four


We decided to invite our good friends Eric and Jodi to our home for dinner. 

It was such a fun and awesome night.  I enjoy entertaining like I enjoy snickers… A LOT!

We started the evening with wine tasting.  They brought over the most interesting wine I had ever had.  Interesting… in a scrumptious way.  It was like sparkling wine that tingled on my tongue. 

Stella Rosa  - Rosso  {must try}

I decided to make some bruschetta from my pinterest recipe collection.  Turned out really good even though we had to skip out on the basil.  {Looked too nasty at the store}

After we talked and they got a tour we started dinner…


Steak, salad, and Shawn’s amazing mac and cheese.  Yum!


Boys chatting


Love, Love this girl!



Being silly boys


Thank you to my MIL for watching our girls so we can enjoy some time with our friends on our in house date. 

Kitchen {progression}

Welcome to where we EAT! 

We are  finally beginning to work on some décor for our house. 

Still a working progress… have many more pins until it complete.  That is until I decide to change it up again. 

home tour- dining room

home tour- bar


home tour letter Dhome tour- table decorhome tour up close table

Our dining room table is easily one of my favorite furniture pieces in our entire house.  I am smitten by it!  We did splurge a bit on this piece but we figured it was worth it and hopefully we’ll never have to purchase another table. 

More to come…

Backyard progression {Part I}




Must admit I am in Love! 

This table was my Mother’s Day gift and I was determined to refinish it. 

table 1


finished table


Like the color contrast here!



And the plumbing begins… soon we will have a sprinkler system.  Also irrigation to our trees and plants we plan to grow and another water source for our future garden. 


{Notice the girls’ shovels, they helped too} more on that later.


My Husband had the great idea to make large aggregate squares that separate the patio to our extended concrete area.  LOVE IT!  more  better pictures to come.

About the girls helping…


They had a blast!  And decided to take their panties off. :/  After digging trenches for ever, I did not have the energy to care.


Playin’ in the water


Apparently they decided to hang their panties. 

So Funny!


Much more to come!

Thrifty Find…


This past weekend we scored on some décor for our kitchen at Fry’s of all places.  Even though, we got a great price for them {1.98} we are trying to shy away from brown earth tone colors.  So we decided to give them a face lift with some spray paint we already had.



I like them so much more now.  What a difference a little paint can make.

This is what it looks like so far.  {The other two box things were also purchased at Fry’s for 4 buck for the two of them}


That’s not it!  I also spotted some wicker baskets that work perfectly for our shoes near the front door.  All three were 7 bucks.  I think we did pretty good.


Abigail Elizabeth Wrenn



My precious Niece!

Nickname: Abbey

Born: June 28, 2012

9:30 A.M.

7 lbs. 7oz.  18 in.

Auntie loves you baby Abbey…

First Day At Preschool

This week was the girls’ first week at school.  I am really excited for them but was nervous at the same time.  They have done good so far.  Adisyn was missing me several times, but I’m confident she will turn around sooner than later.  Yesterday when I arrived to pick them up, Adisyn started crying immediately.  Overall Shawn and I are comfortable leaving them and they seem to like it. 

first day

A week with my Angels

Not this past week but the week before.  I decided to take the entire week off just because.  It was so awesome!  I plan to stay home a week with my babies at least annually.  We had so much fun and it was productive yet relaxing. 


Swimming Time


Play time at the splash pad


We always finish our splash pad adventure with ICE CREAM!


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