We had kind of two vacations in a row so I felt this needed a separate post.  After San Diego we headed to Anaheim to take the girls to Disneyland for the first time.  I’ve only been twice before and both were in my adult age.  I have heard people say how magical Disneyland is but didn’t really grasp what they were talking about until I witnessed the look on our kids faces.  It truly was magical to see their excitement and nearly brought tears to my eyes a couple of times.  It was an absolute unforgettable experience. 
We took the girls on the easy small kid friendly rides at first.  Then we headed to Toontown and rode the Gadget roller coaster.  After that ride they wanted to go on more “fast rides”.  We weren’t sure how the girls would do on some of the rides but they were total troopers and really surprised me! 
we left midday to relax a bit at the hotel so we can survive long enough for the fireworks.  We also met some very special princesses.
Adisyn was a bit shy but I know she loved it!
The girls and us loved the fireworks.  Especially when they spotted tinkerbell flying through the air.  After the fireworks we called it a night to get rested for another day.
Day 2
These are actually the girls’ pjs.  They wanted so badly to wear them to Disneyland.  It was really cute because a lot of the employees would bow to them or say hello princess.  They felt so special it was cute.  Day 2 we also met with Nana and Papa.  We grabbed something to eat and headed to Splash Mountain.  We didn’t wait at all we literally walked directly to the ride.  It was a bit chilly in the morning and we think that’s why no one was in line.  Afterwards Adisyn said she loved it. and braved not even holding the bars.  Ava not so much despite the adorable picture she took on the ride. 
So Fun!
The girls enjoyed lots of cotton candy and churros while I enjoyed some pineapple whip. 
The girls love the train ride.  It was the only ride we rode three times. 
Look Mom no hands. 
Face painting
We missed the parade the first day so we made it a priority the second.  It was worth every single second.  The girls got several waves from their favorite princesses and a few kisses blown their way.  Adisyn was jumping up and down screaming the next princesses name as the parade turned the corner.  It was priceless or worth every penny we spent to take them.  When Adisyn first saw Ariel she said Mom it’s the real Ariel!!  They turned to us and said Mom she waved at me as they were jumping up and down.  For me this was the highlight of the trip. 
After seeing the pure joy on my kids faces I believe Disneyland truly is The Happiest Place On Earth. 
We were all exhausted so we left and headed for dinner at House of Blues.
We had a magical time and would consider going again before the five year mark we initially thought. 

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