This year was pretty simple at Shawn's request.  I made huevos rancheros, a first for me, it turned out really good although next time I plan to tweak the recipe a bit.  We hung out at home most of the day watching any hunting show our favorite Dad desired.  Then we headed to Shawn's parents' house to spend some time with the other awesome Dads in our lives.  It was a great day celebrating some pretty great people.

Everyday I'm overwhelmed with how lucky we are to have Shawn.  To the Dad who is so patient helping with homework.  To the Dad that plays barbies even after a long day of work.  To the Dad that teaches kindness, love, and hard work.  To the Dad that puts his girls first, always!  To the Dad that comforts when needed.  To the Dad that tickles like no one else.  To the Dad that isn't happy unless his family is.  To the Dad that is my better half.  To the Dad who is the first man his daughters will ever love.  All three of your babies love you more than you will ever know.  Thank you for being the best Dad in the world.



Gender:  Baby Girl

Size of Baby:  Sweet potato -5.5 inches approx.

Cravings:  I haven't really had many cravings lately.  I have really enjoyed all kinds of fruits.
Every now and then I do have more sweets than before but nothing like with my twins.

Aversions:  I have never been a fan of smokey flavor.  Shawn made ribs recently and hardly used any wood chips.  The smell was overwhelming and grossed me out big time.  I would rather not eat than smell/eat something smoked.

What I Miss:  Laying on my stomach.  I didn't sleep on my stomach or lay much on my stomach but every now and then I would just to stretch my back.  That is definitely not an option now.

What I Love:  I have felt her moving a lot more and it makes my day.  Shawn has even felt her twice.  What an amazing thing to experience.  I am so lucky!  So far things have been going very well.  I've been taking it easy if efforts to keep my baby girl in for as long as possible.  I haven't had any issues since our ER visit and the shots don't seem to phase me at all.  November can not come soon enough.  I can't wait to meet her until then I'm soaking up as much time as possible with Ava and Adisyn.

Thoughts:  We have been thinking hard about names.  So far the top name is Reece Taylor but not 100% sure yet.  I wanted to name one of our twins Reece but Shawn did not like the name.  Since he has warmed up to it.  Yah!  I've decided what to do with her nursery.  Colors will be light mint, coral, and grey.  Think rustic/chic, perfect for a princess.  Can't wait to start!



Although its officially not summer yet.  This time of the year is notorious for hot weather.  This past week we've had unusual wet weather.  We took full advantage with playing in the rain, catching rain drops in our mouths and picnic at the park.  Recently it came to me this is the only summer break I will have with them as a family of four.  I want to soak up as much time as possible.  Love these times with my girls.



Gender:  Girl

Size of Baby:  Avocado

Cravings:  I'm still enjoying salads and fruit.  I caved and had chocolate donuts the other day.  They really hit the spot but I haven't really had the desire since.  Pizza bites were sounding very tasty but have settled for other things.

Aversions:  sweets still.  Which for me is probably a good thing.

What I miss:  Being able to wear most of my clothing.  Merlot.

What I love:  I just started to feel little flutters.  Nothing too major yet but will be coming very soon.  The girls are really excited to have a sister.  I'm sure they will teach her the ropes and I hope they are all very close.

Thoughts:  This week was the start of my P17 or Progesterone shots (medication that helps prevent preterm labor).  I will continue getting shots until the end of October after that when she's ready she will come until 39 weeks.  I was more nervous about the side effects than anything.  My nurse is great and very good at injections, Thank You!  She plans to come to my house every week to administer the shot.  The most common side effect is soreness at the injection site.  Its sore but really nothing to complain about. Hopefully this feeling continues.  I of course googled side effects which was mostly migraines among many other dreadful symptoms.  I have yet to experience any, crossing my fingers.

**The above was written before we made a visit to the ER this past weekend.  I had a bit of a scare and we headed to the ER as recommended by my OB.  They ran several tests and listened to baby girls heartbeat.  Everything was okay.  Thank Goodness!  My symptom may have been from change of hormones from the progesterone shot.  Either way we are so thankful she is healthy.  I was a complete emotional wreck from being traumatized with my last pregnancy and the care or lack of I previously received but I had a much better experience at Gateway.  So happy to be delivering there!

IT'S A...


We couldn't wait to know the gender of our baby.  We had the option of waiting until our 20 week anatomy ultrasound but with so much anticipation we scheduled first appointment possible.  Only the girls came along with me for this ultrasound.  We didn't want to know the gender in the office with a complete stranger, although she's great.  We wanted to find out with the four of us in a more intimate setting.  I'm glad we did!  I had printed off boy and girl inside an envelope and asked her to put whatever we were having inside along with her picture.  First we looked at all her features.  She's healthy as can be so far, what a relief.  We both had a chuckle when we saw her middle finger was very present resting on her head.   Her heart beat is very healthy and she has two legs and two arms.  I think she has 10 toes and 10 fingers, I hope, but soon enough we will find out.  We made a quick video to capture our reactions.  We were a bit disappointed as we both were hoping for a boy, shh... don't tell her that.  We are so happy to have another extension of us boy or girl.  Ava and Adisyn are just the best and to have another one like them makes my heart happy.  Shawn and I always said having a boy would not complete our family and that hasn't changed.  She is so loved already!  Now to start planning her nursery and a name.

here's a quick fun video I made.

It's A... from Shannon DeLeon on Vimeo.

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