Little things; trailer name contender.

Other options:
Ava- Travel, Rosey, Princess, Pearline, Bluey, Piggey
Adisyn- Daisy, Travel, Tree
Shawn- Betsy, little things
Shannon- Millie, Myrtle

Shawn and I really like the name Little Things because of the quote "enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." - Kurt Vonnegut
We are about to create the best memories of our lives.  Where we can connect and grow, learn and explore, travel and LIVE.
As we are growing older we're learning the little things mean the most to us.

What are we planning next?

Inner basin trail in Flagstaff (in the fall, obviously).
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Horseshoe Bend
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Lake Tahoe
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Lake Havasu
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Grand Canyon
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Mt Lemmon
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Red Cliff Campground
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Zion national park
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Red Wood National Park
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East Fork Black River- a must from Shawn as his family camped here every summer for generations.
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California beach- undecided exactly where.

Superstition Mountains
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With weather restraints and the holidays coming up we'll likely do some desert camping soon.  The other destinations are on our wish list over the next few years.  This list may change and the timing and order will vary, but we are so excited to explore and try an RV park with full hook ups.  
The sky is the limit!  

We've talked about taking a two week vacation driving up the west coast and ending in 
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Or further into Washingon to visit...
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If you follow our blog you'd know that we took a trip to Bisbee for Shawn's Bday.  We fell in love with the town and immediately couldn't wait to return.  I found an RV park walking distance with full hook ups, wifi, and cable.  

Kartchner Caverns
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We talked about wanting to check this place out when we visited Bisbee, but didn't have time.  We hope to go back soon possibly with Shawn's parents as they expressed interest as well.


The time finally came for our inaugural trip that has been much anticipated.  We were undecided on where we wanted to go and finally made the decision for, Mogollan Rim, the day before we left.  Ultimately we thought some place not too far off the grid and somewhere the terrain was more predictable with the trailer.  Shawn is awesome pulling it but he wanted to make sure wherever we went was trailer friendly.

We left Wednesday mid morning after loading the trailer.  It was a bit hectic this first trip as we stocked the trailer with things such as dishes, spices, towels, blankets, sweaters, toiletries, well you get the point.  This way our next trip all we need to pack is clothes and food.
After searching for 30 minutes for the girls' favorite dolls we were on our way.

Since our first trip did not have RV hook ups, Shawn did some research and found a fresh water source to fill our tank.  We were surprised it was free.  We thought it would make more sense to fill our tank closer to our destination to keep the trailer lighter and save some gas.  We filled up and were back on the road.  We noticed water leaking but didn't think too much about it.  After losing about 10 gallons on the way to our campsite we discovered there is a separate cap you can purchase that was apparently missing (oops).  By the end of our trip we did run out of water, though we had plenty in water jugs, so we learned a lot!  Owning a trailer is a learning experience for sure.  We also discovered that we need to upgrade our toilet to one that is standard size and more efficient. Fortunately they're not very expensive.

Once we arrived to the camp area we were on the hunt for the perfect spot.  We found it to be very popular.  We spotted some ahhhmmazing spots near the rim, like no joke 10 feet from your campfire was the edge.  So awesome but not kid friendly.  Shawn and I hope to go back kid-less to experience those spots first hand.  We knew we were nearing the end and I found the perfect spot.  We loved it and talked about how much we lucked out several times during our stay.

It took about 20 minutes to get our site all set up.  I anticipate as we become a RV connoisseur family it will take even less time.

We enjoyed playing games, lots of exploring, talks by the fire, snuggles, watching the squirrels throw pine cones to the ground, sightings of blue jays, scavenger hunts, s'mores and watching the hours pass by.

Most mornings were slow and we snuggled in bed.

Reece LOVED her bath in the sink.

Ava sprained her ankle (wink, wink) and needed her walking sticks for crutches.

The girls and I started a tradition to find flowers at each trip.

While owning a trailer is a big responsibility it made for a much more enjoyable experience.  Nap time, bedtime, cooking, heater at night, bathroom visits in the middle of the night are just a few reasons why I could not be happier with our investment.  Having a fridge/freezer was awesome too! Reece struggled a bit with naps at first, partly due to two molars breaking through during our trip. Poor baby!  After the second day our routine was much more fluid and everyone was happier.

We went on walks daily.  Adisyn used her imagination for a stick cell phone.  I laughed to myself in silence during the conversations she had.  Ava wanted to collect every rock, stick, and pine cone she could find.  She wanted to take half the forest home.  Seriously.  I finally had to draw the line at some point.  As soon as we got home she wanted to decorate the backyard with her findings.  Reece was happy as can be.  Shawn, well I haven't seen a smile like that on his face in a long time.  Abby LOVED exploring and chasing the squirrels.  I was ecstatic to slow down and unplug from reality. We were all truly at our happy place and we CAN NOT wait for our next destination.

Before we left we made sure to hit some of the viewpoints.  There is even a paved path along the rim with benches throughout.  We loved this spot and everything it has to offer and definitely plan to return sometime.  Maybe over the summer sometime and hit up the lake.

This trip was exactly what we needed.  Unplugged, connected, present, and loving each memory we shared together.


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