Mother's Day this year started with sleeping in (parent sleeping in, 8 a.m.) and kisses from my people.  We hosted brunch at our house where we enjoyed mimosas, lots of yummy food, and hysterical laughing at snap chat filters.  Then we headed to Shawn's parents' house for dinner and enjoyed each others company and weather.  

Reece wore a dress that belong to her sisters.  So sweet!
I decided I wanted pictures taken.  They turned out so good!  Here's my favorites. 

 (Reece was way more interested in pulling my hair than take a family picture).

The girls made me feel extra special by making my bed and leaving notes throughout the house.  And of course Adisyn's picture from school and because its hard to see its...a picture of me, my Mom is star because she is happy.  My Mom is sweet because she makes me breakfast.  

This year was one to remember especially having Reece in our family now.  I'm so lucky to have such amazing Moms in my life and so grateful that these 3 girls call me Mom.



This girl is growing like a weed!  According to our at home calculations she weighs 17.2 lbs.

She is still doing great with eating and other than introducing her to more solids, nothing has changed in that category.  So far I've given her bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, cereal, and peas.  She has taken a liking to all of them and is really getting the hang of eating.  I have only given her food that I've made.  It's actually easy when I make them in big batches and then freeze them. She loves to reach for the spoon trying to shove it all in herself.

I gave in and let her have the spoon.

She is still in search of anything that she can put in her mouth.  I bought her a baby banana, her first training toothbrush.  She LOVES it!

And for good reason!  A few weeks ago she finally had two teeth poke through!  AHHHH my baby now has teeth! Trying to get a picture of them has been anything but easy.  But I finally got some semi decent ones here.

Even though she is not crawling yet, this girl is mobile and always on the go.  She can roll around like no other.  Sometimes getting herself stuck under things.  Here she's under my bed and hers.

New this month she has become a sitting expert.  Okay, maybe not an expert but she does really well.

She loves to copy everyone, especially her sisters.

She also can hold her own bottle.

Bed time is my favorite because she prefers I hold her bottle while she rubs her head and falls asleep in my arms.  Sometimes we just sit there for a while relaxing together in the sound of nothing!

She is still sleeping through the night well, sometimes waking up at odd times.  She goes to bed about 6-7 and then wakes at 5 to eat and then again at 7:30 in time for walking the girls to school.

She hasn't seemed too disturbed by her big girl teeth.  I'm not sure how much her necklace is really helping her but I have noticed that she drools significantly less when she is wearing it.  So, I like to think its relieving some discomfort.

I find her more often than not like this in her crib

And some more pictures of her just because.  Those dimples on her little hands melt my heart.

Reece has become such a spunky little baby with already so much personality.  She is the perfect addition to our family and we are so smitten with her!


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