Perfect weather


The weather yesterday was so beautiful so we decided to go on a walk.  This time we brought along the dogs.  They loved it and by the time we got back Rico's tongue was dragging.  Now that the weather is getting a little warmer I see lots of walks in our future.  

Adisyn wants to be just like Mommy

Ava walking Remi

possibly our next hike

Remi decided to go in the water to get some bread.  He figured if the ducks can have it, so can I.  Remi is a very interesting dog to say the least.  but we love him. 

Sam Robert Mealey


Sam Robert Mealey
7lbs. 3oz.
20.5 in long
1-20-12 @ 1:35pm

I find myself overwhelmed with emotions looking at this picture.  I love him so much already!  I am so excited to watch this little boy grow and for my children to have a cousin to play with.  Stacy and Dylan will make fabulous parents and I could not be happier for them!  

Waking up on Friday the day of to a text message from Connie.  Stacy's water broke they're putting her in a room!  Shawn and I went about our morning with a knot in our stomach.  We had so many emotions going through us... excitement, nervousness (for Stacy), anxious, and the list goes on.  I worked so hard at work to get off early and as soon as I got the word plans may change for the delivery.  I quickly got to the hospital.  I remember how many family members came to see us and how happy it made us feel.  Even if I didn't get to see Sam I just wanted Stacy to know I was there supporting her!  We waited and waited and finally we got to go see him.  In the waiting room.  Everyone was on a pins and needles but nothing like Sam's grandparents.  It was so cool to see the excitement that came over Colleen she was so overwhelmed and couldn't stop moving or talking.  Being a Grandma for the first time brought a lot of emotion to her and some tears especially the first time Dylan came out with the biggest smile I had ever seen.  It was an amazing day!  A day none of us will ever forget!  We all love you Sam!

Everyone greeting Dylan

Uncle Shawn with his nephew

Proud Daddy!

What's a post without these girls... 

Adisyn stood in front of this mirror for awhile.  So funny!

The girls waited with everyone at the hospital for HOURS.  They did so good!  They are very excited to meet their cousin!

Brock turns ONE!


Can't believe he's already ONE!  

Ava and her Grandma

Once Adisyn got the courage to get inside the bounce car, that is where she was to stay the entire party!!!
She LOVED it!

Ava on the other hand spent most of her time here, wanting to climb in but hesitant and cautious!
Typical Ava but I love it!  


Finally, Ava is inside... with the help of her aunt Toria

Snack Time:  They had perfect kid friendly snacks.

Birthday Boy and Mommy

She finally came out to get a drink and snacks

CAKE time!

Brock was not shy about digging in his cake.  So much so that Katy had to take it from him. 


We all had such a great time.  It was so refreshing to see old mutual friends and family members.  It was so special to be apart of his day!  I look forward to new memories.



A new year is already here!

By inspiration of my sister-in-law and her friend I have decided to follow along.  It's a great idea!  Years in the past I have wrote down goals to accomplish (not resolutions, just goals in general) and posted it on my bathroom mirror.  Every time I did this, I met every goal.  So I'm getting back into the swing of things!  So, here it goes... my 12 things!  In no particular order

1.  Remember what is most important in life!  During the hustle and bustle of being working parents and trying to raise twins.  Let's just say things get stressful!  My number one goal this year is to enjoy every minute.

2.  Make more time for family.  I think about this often this year I will follow through. 

3.  Time for myself.  Like so many other Moms.  I always think about myself last and it has really affected me.       More massages, reading, and exercising are in my future. 

4.  Finally reach my goal weight.  I would like to lose about 30 lbs.  Lately I have been stuck in a rut, but that is all going to change, at least that's the plan.  Not only do the I-wish-I-could-squeeze-into-you jeans in my closet that are collecting dust incentive.  But there is 2500 bucks at stake.  The Biggest Loser has started again at work, we've done this twice in the past, one of which I won first place.  This season things are changing and we've invited referring dentists and their staff.  The competition starts today and ends in June.  What's my plan:  Exercise 6 days a week.  I would like to start the 60 day challenge of Insanity.  And thought about P90X after that.  Realistically sticking to it exact is not possible.  I get bored easily.  So, I do plan on throwing some running into the mix.  Diet:  Or change of Life.  Eat way more vegetables, limited meat, and sweets and treats and alcohol one day weekly.  This will be difficult, but not impossible.  Once I reach my goal weight the plan is to maintain a healthy diet with out depriving myself. MODERATION.  Whooo that was a long one!

5.  Immediate Family time.  Be more active as a family.  I would love to start hiking and biking with girls and Shawn. I would also like to take some parenting classes and have individual dates with our kids.  

6.  More DIY-ing. Shawn and I have lots of ideas for this. 

7.  Organization.  Pinterest and Pinspire should help with this.  

8.  Host more and make more time for friends, kind of tie in together.  

9.  Hike The Grand Canyon!  New place in AZ.  (this is a good one, Stacy)  I've been to The Grand Canyon, but never hiked it!

10.  Vacation with Shawn and I.  Thought about the idea of Chicago, but just a thought. 

11. Family vacation.  Undecided location but looking forward to it!

12.  NEW HOME!  Shawn and I purchased a new home!  We should close on the 24th of February.  We are very excited to have our own space and a place to call home.

Cheers to 2011 and I look forward to what 2012 brings us!  


Joe's Farm Grill


Shawn and I decided to stop and check out Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert.  It's only about 2 miles from our new home!  Even though it was really crowded, it was worth it!!! Such good, fresh food!  Nearly everything they serve they grow right there on the farm.  We will certainly  be visiting again soon!
The weather was so gorgeous

Nearly all animals are welcome.  We saw lots of dogs and even these beautiful birds.

anxiously waiting for our burgers

Next to where we were sitting is a little coffee shop.  We will be checking that place out next!  Joe's Farm was featured on the Food Network and I now know why!  Uh-mazing food!  Worth the wait

Merry Christmas!

This year was definitely had more fun than last.  The girls did a great job tearing into their presents.  Of course they were so spoiled!  Both the girls got easily distracted when they opened a present and were too anxious to play than see what else was waiting for them.  It took awhile lets just say. 

After enjoying some time with Shawn's family we headed to my Mom's to spend time with my family. 

Cutest little guy!

I tried so many times to get a good picture of all the babies.  Ava and Adisyn  refused to look into the camera.  Brock refused to stop crying

My Mom got to help Brock open his last present.  What was inside?  A sweater that read Big Brother!  That's right my brother and his beautiful wife are expecting another bundle of joy in July!  So excited to be auntie again!! 


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