Can't believe my birthday has already come and gone!  I had planned to go on a hot air balloon ride, which I have been wanting to do for so long.  With trying to save for the house plans changed a little bit.  Saturday (St. Patrick's Day) my Mom watched the girls so Shawn and I could go to Molly and Shaun's Wedding.  The girls ended up staying the night which was nice in the morning to sleep in 'till 9!  On my Birthday we woke up and took our time getting ready.  We headed to Brunchie's for breakfast.  Love that place!  Afterwards we went to my Mom's and hung our for a little bit and then headed home.  The girls napped while Shawn and I enjoyed the rain.  Even though I would have loved to take the girls to the park or hike or something outside, the rain was okay.  For dinner we headed to Fat Willy's for some drinks and pizza.  I enjoyed just talking with Shawn.  It was a great Birthday, but I can't help but to think about our plans for the BIG 3-0!

I did get a few gifts that I have had my eyes on.  This is my new Breville juice fountain.  I love it!!  I am trying to incorporate healthier eating habits for both myself and my girls.  Hoping this will help even more.  

Our first creation: 3 carrots, two apples, and ginger. 

I also got the girls a little something too.  This thing is AWESOME!  I love taking this contraption out of the freezer pouring in homemade juice and in 7 minutes... Popsicle.  This will come in handy during the hot summer days. 

They love them!!

Yesterday after getting out of the shower I found the girls in the bathroom doing this...

putting on mascara

Adisyn holding up the evidence

We got cleaned up and headed to run some errands.  The girls insisted on wearing their boots with their pretty dress.  They got at least a dozen of comments.  So cute.  Daddy bought them some chips so they had cheezy hands as well.  I love them too much.  

Summer is Approaching


Yesterday Shawn and I decided we needed some time for ourselves.We had the most amazing Day!
It started by getting a couples massage.  It was so relaxing and refreshing.  We would like to have a monthly routine of massages.  This was the first "couples" massage we ever had, highly recommended.  After our massage we headed to Scottsdale for lunch.  We made our way to Bungalow's.  They have a great patio and bloody mary buffet on the weekends.  The food was so delicious!  The bad thing: if your're a beer drinker (like us) they don't have any draft beers only bottled with not the greatest selection.  However, great food and will be back someday.  After lunch we made our way to Salt River Fields for our first spring training game of the season.
Beautiful stadium!!
 Once we got there it was already packed!  We finally found a spot at left field, which is my favorite spot.  (Parra plays LF) The first inning was already to a close but the players were just standing around.  We had NO idea what was going on.  After anxiously waiting for about 20 minutes we found out that there was a massive bee swarm that needed attention to protect the players and fans.  It took about 45-60 minutes to get everything cleared and the game started again.

We had so much fun nonetheless.  It is a perfect people watcher location.  We really just enjoyed each others company, but let me tell you it was HOT!!!!  We quickly realized summer is coming fast.  We ended up staying until the beginning ninth inning and wanted to beat the rest of the crowd out of the stadium.  By the time we left the score was 11-1 Giants.  Let's hope even though this game doesn't matter that it is not a reflection of the season to come.

Shawn's Rally cap

By the time we made it home, we had a delicious steak dinner and headed to bed early.

Today the girls tried on their new bathing suits and did not want to take them off.  We went outside and ate lunch on the patio and enjoyed a few otter pops.  

Cute pic of Ava


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