Can you believe it?!  The girls have successfully finished Kindergarten.  They both love school.  Adisyn is more into the social aspect although she does like to learn.  Ava has often brought home extra homework.  Adisyn said she wants to be a veterinarian and Ava wants to be a teacher.  It will be interesting to keep track of this every year as I imagine it will change a lot.  Adisyn’s desk has been right next to her teacher’s most of the year.  Apparently she asks a lot of questions and has a hard time staying on task.  We are so proud of these two!

The girls had an early release on the last day of school.  So the day before was their Kindergarten graduation.

Ava received an award.  She was shy of course and quickly ran back to her spot as to not have any attention.  Her and I have that in common.
Despite kicking a boy in the privates the day before receiving this award Ava has been a great student.  Well deserved!

So so proud of you Girls!  Time to enjoy the summer break.

memorial weekend


We headed to Show Low this year.  For the first time we were the first to arrive.  We enjoyed the afternoon alone before the chaos began.  We had a relaxing weekend with another delicious breakfast at Sweetheart Cafe, lots of naps, hikes, pretend fishing, real fishing and trying to enjoy the windy chilly weather. 
The cutest bouquet I ever did see
IMG_1115[1] IMG_1116[1]
First time the girls got to reel a fish. 
Lookin’ at the caught fish
IMG_5957 Adisyn’s rock collection
Her favorite… a heart shaped rock
First time in the hot tub

Abby made herself very comfortable on the drive home.

14 weeks



We arrived at Show Low for the weekend on the exact day of my 14 weeks.  It only made sense to take our progress picture there.

Gender:  ?

Size of Baby:  Lemon

Cravings:  Frozen burritos, chocolate donuts, still soda (I’ve found some alternatives to help with this) with crushed ice

Aversions:  sweets (oddly for the exception of chocolate donuts) as I’ve said before these cravings/aversions have been very strange.

What I miss:  my stronger immune system

What I love:  Thinking of nursery ideas. 

Thoughts:  This pregnancy has been so much easier that it almost feels that there is something wrong.  I’m anxious to feel the baby and we have a doctors appointment soon and I’m hoping we get to hear the heartbeat.

12 weeks


12 wks

Gender:  ?

Size of baby:  Large Plum

Cravings:  Spicy, salty, occasional sweets.  My favorite snack has been fritos with cottage cheese.  Snapple- I can not get enough of specifically kiwi strawberry.  Soda- I never buy soda.  I probably drink maybe one soda per year, if that.  So this has been strange for me.  This week I have ignored my cravings to an extent.  I want my pregnancy to be healthy (as possible, I am human) so there is no room for soda.  I’ve been craving fruit and salads which I love but won’t get too excited because it may change next week or tomorrow.  

Aversions:  Sweets.  I have heard from so many people say that each pregnancy is different.  Of course I had nothing to compare to until now.  These cravings and aversions have been like a roller coaster.  One day I like sweets the next I don’t.  I can’t keep up. When I was pregnant with the girls I just wanted sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

What I miss:  Running, oddly enough.  I didn’t run as consistent as I would have like to but usually once/week I got a run in here or there.  Now I feel like I have to be so careful to not provoke any pre term labor issues in the future.  I forgot to talk to my doctor about working out.  I am not going to run but I have been incorporating some light activity to prevent me from gaining too much weight.  Ideally I wanted to lose weight prior to getting pregnant but we had another path for us.  I’m not usually a crier though not opposed to it I just don’t cry very often.  Well,  I’m shameful to admit it but I cried seeing the cross walk lady.  She is just so good with the kids.  She’s so cheerful and happy and gives the kids high fives and hugs.  She is also very protective and is not afraid to blow her whistle LOUD if needed.  She’s just great and I enjoy seeing people like her around my kids. 

What I love:  I am loving how much easier this pregnancy has been.  How adorable our girls have been.  When we went to the baseball game.  Adisyn told me “mom all three of your babies are going to the game today”  Talk about melting my heart.  We went grocery shopping the other day and one of them asked if I wanted any wine.  I explained that its not good for the baby.  I was missing the taste of beer (guess that should have been further on the list but oh well) so I was drinking an odouls and Ava said “Mom!  You are not supposed to be drinking”  Too cute! 

Thoughts:  Continued from what I love.  This pregnancy has been night and day difference from having two babies.  Thank Goodness!!  Now that I am approaching my second trimester I have had more energy and don’t feel the need for a 5 hour nap in the middle of the day.  I have been having some difficulties getting comfortable at night while sleeping.  I might invest in a pregnancy pillow but haven’t decided.  Three more weeks until we find out the gender!  So excited.  Of course we would love to have a boy however as cliché as it is we truly want a healthy baby and dream about leaving from the hospital with our healthy baby.  That would just mean the world to us. 

Happy mother’s day

To be their Mother has been the best gift I have ever been given.  To them (and my husband of course) I owe all of my smiles, for their happiness is mine.  I started this journey of Motherhood determined to teach them but am amazed at how much they have taught me.  Being their Mother has complete me!


We had a very eventful fun weekend.  Shawn had Friday off so after dropping the girls off at school we headed to breakfast at Liberty Market.  Never a disappointment. 


The girls made this special gift for me along with a handful of homemade cards. 


We played at the park for long enough to build up an appetite.  We met up with Shawn’s parents at Zinburger for dinner.  We had our usual chili cheese fries, the Brooklyn burger, and zucchini fries.  So good!


After dinner we walked across the street to check out the food trucks.  We were all shocked at how many were there.  Had to have been at least 30 trucks.  So Fun!  We all decided we needed to have dinner there soon. 

Saturday we headed to Skateland for a Birthday party.  They had a blast and want to go back already.  It was total chaos but it was so cute to see them play with their friends and have the best time.  Being there brought back childhood memories for both Shawn and I.




(excuse the poor quality)

Peach Pickin’ Fun

Mother’s Day morning we met my Mom and family at Schnepf  Farms for their annual peach festival.  It was such a good time.  We headed out to the orchards on a tractor ride.

IMG_5907   IMG_5890












Once we were done enjoying each other and the weather we headed to DT Phoenix for the DBacks game.  The girls haven’t been since they were one.  I wasn’t sure how they would do.  Kids don’t have the longest attention span.  All of the kids did really well and made for the best time!  The whole group was there.  It’s just not the same if we can’t all be together.  At first I was really hesitant to go.  I didn’t want to be miserable and uncomfortable but was surprised at how much fun we all had, pregnant and all. 

The roof was open and the kids loved seeing the airplanes go by.  (we made a goal to fly next year to our family vacation.  The girls have been asking to go on a plane for years!!!)

IMG_5918 We had great seats.  When we first arrived we were in the sun and the seats were unbearably hot!!!!! Fortunately it wasn’t long for the shade to provide us some much needed relief. 


IMG_5921 The kids got the biggest kick out of the bobble heads.  They went crazy for them.  So cute!


IMG_5924 “Mom take a picture like this”





Within minutes the girls were passed out



IMG_5920 Thank you for making me the luckiest Mom in the world.  I love you!


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