One of my goals this year was to complete our guest bathroom.  It was so basic and white.  The light fixture was well gross!  We finally did it and we LOVE it!



I forgot to take an official before photos but this gives you the idea.



We decided, for sake of not wasting what we already had, to use a grey color.  Its very similar to the color in the living room but has more of a blue undertone and works much better in this room than it did in the living room.  Also shown here is the art work I replicated (from one of my all time favorite blogs).  So its far from perfect all the taping was done by eye-ing.  But none the less I love how it turned out!  I started by painting the whole canvas white covering the trees that were previously there.  Well I used a roller brush that we had lying around forever.  Well bad idea it kindly left behind these tiny pieces of fuzz.  Learn from me and use a nice paint brush.  So anyway when you look closely it has a texture look.  whoops.  Still love it though!


We chose this light fixture.  It doesn’t give off much light but enough that is necessary.  It was actually an outdoor light from Lowe’s.  Neither Shawn or I liked any of the “bathroom” fixtures.  We LOVE it! 

Here’s a better look at it…



We picked up this magazine rack from Hobby Lobby.


The girls decided they wanted artwork in the bathroom too!  I couldn’t resist and I must say it adds a cute home-y touch.  Check out Adisyn’s on the right she was replicating my canvas shown above.  She is just like her Mommy! 

I am so happy to have this project done and for hardly any hard earned green stuff aka money.  I keep walking by and peeking in to take a glance at it.  Is it weird that I want to eat breakfast in there just to admire it?  Just Kidding people!



1.  Makeup.


My girls are obsessed with makeup.  They really like to put some on Mommy too.

2.  Arizona weather.


Catching up on some Vitamin D.  In January! 

3.  Ava.


Ava.  I can not get enough of this girl.  The perfect way she smiles for the camera.  How protective she is of her sister.  Her contagious laugh.  She has the “big” sister personality.  I love how this girl will eat nearly everything you give her.  Her witty attitude and loving touch.  Lately, despite everything above, Ava has been very emotional.  Think its just a phase but I hope it doesn’t continue too much longer. 


4.  Adisyn.


Adisyn.  (what she picked to wear to the park the other day).  I love how much love this girl has for her family.  I love she’s all girl.  I love how smart she is.  I love her sassy attitude.  I love every time I ask for picture she must pose with her hand on her hip.  I love how well she has been listening lately.  I love that she wants to do everything I do.  I love how carefree she is.  I love how fast she can run. I love everything about her!  Adisyn reminds me of me. 


5.  Breakfast for dinner.

6.  Family time.


7.  Adisyn’s words.


8.  Ava’s tidiness.


we always see her putting her toys, or anything, in a pattern.  Usually a straight line.

9.  Playing with my girls.


10.  Home projects.


(I’ll post pics soon of what we did)

11.  Artichoke.  We made artichoke for the first time this week.  I really only had it one other time.  When its not mixed with yummy goodness in dip.  It was delicious.

12.  Girl time.

Saturday the girls and I went to visit Jodi and see her new place.  We did some shopping, snacking, and hanging out by the pool.  (she has a heated pool, jealous!)

13.  Art.


Going to replicate this with an old canvas I have.  photo credit.

14.  Kindergarten.


Thursday we went to the open house for the girls school.  We did a lot of research online so it wasn’t very informative but we did get to meet the principal, vice principal, and all the kindergarten teachers so that was nice.  To not bore the kids with their speal on why we should take our kids to their school.  The older kids at the school that were part of student council took them to play games and loosen up a little.  The girls were a little hesitant to leave so I walked with them to the door and told them they were fine and to have fun. They held each others hand and cautiously walked where all the other kids were going.  I noticed my eyes begin to swell with tears.  I have so many feelings about this.  Excited for them, nervous for them, happy, sad, don’t want them to grow up, love seeing them grow up.  Its quite frankly an emotional roller coaster.  August 4, 2014 I will be a wreck and probably stalking the school and their class.  Okay okay maybe that’s a bit extreme. 

14 Smiles


So I’ve decided to start a new blogging tradition.  14 smiles.  Everyone has something to smile about.  I just don’t want to forget what made me happy week by week. Whether its big, small, silly, or not.  So here goes my first list:

1.  That’s my girl!  Shawn I were joking around with each other as usual.  I don’t remember the specifics of this topic but Shawn was complaining to the girls about something I said or did.  Adisyn looks at him with a straight face and says “That’s my girl.”  The things these girls say make me smile daily.

2.  Smart Dog. 

3.  Ava proposing.


…to be best friends with Adisyn.  So Cute!

4.  Surprise.


My husband never seizes to amaze me.  He is so thoughtful without trying too hard or making it fake or meaningless.  This was a special surprise after coming home from work.

5.  Brock turns 3!  Ninja Turtles Party

   PicMonkey Collage


6.  Sam turns 2!  Motorcycle party.

   sam collage


7.  Artist. 


Love seeing my kids drawing.  This is Adisyn’s rainbow. 

8.  Talent.



At Sam’s party the girls put on quite a show.  It was priceless and I’m happy they got some exposure.  Every famous singer starts somewhere.  LOL.  So proud to call these girls mine.

9.  Abby.


10.  Isaac.


11.  Passenger. 

12.  Sunday Sunset.


13.  Cousin love.


14.  Super Bowl XLVII.  So happy to see the Seahawks and Broncos going the to the Super Bowl.  Or more happy the 49ers AREN’T!



Yes, yes its that time again to make new goals.  Again in no particular order.

1.  Family vacation.

2.  Vacation with just Shawn and I.  We have a few ideas already so I’m excited for this one.

3.  New place in AZ.

4.  Be involved as much as possible in our kids school.  Public school that is.  Yikes.

5.  Grow our business.

6.  Home Improvements.  Still lots more to do in this area.

7.  Pay more attention to mine and Shawn’s needs.  We have been guilty of neglecting ourselves.

8.  More camping, fishing, and hiking.

9.  I would like to do some volunteering this year.

10.  More date nights.

11.  Encourage the girls to do chores.  Not sure what kind of reward system, if any, we will have but they need to really start learning some responsibilities.

12.  More girls nights and guys nights (for Shawn obviously)

13.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

14.  Worry less, have lots of fun!

I have a feeling 2014 will be such a great year!

Reflection of 2013

Another great year has come and gone.  Lets see how I did with the list of 13 goals for 2013
1.  Become and outdoors-y family.  We did take the girls camping once this year. It was such an amazing time.  The girls keep asking when we are going again.  We also try to go on weekly bike rides but at least biweekly did happen.
2.  Vacation with just Shawn and I.  We celebrated my 30th in Temecula.  IMG_3744_thumb[2]
3. Family vacation.  The only family vacation we snuck in this year was camping. We had the best time. IMG_3898
4.  Be an awesome bridesmaid for Jodi.  Well this is a bitter sweet situation but the wedding never did happen.  On a side note Jodi and I have become so much closer and I truly cherish our friendship. 
5.  Embrace my 30’s.  Thinking to myself when I was in my 20’s ugh I am so dreading getting older but I have to say 30’s are not so bad at all.  I think I have nailed this.
6.  Girls- teaching them to ride their bikes without training wheels and learn to swim.  Well the girls are getting really good on their bikes. Almost to the point we would go on a extended bike ride all on our own bike, but for now they still have their training wheels.  I am certainly okay with them not growing up too fast.  Learning to swim… we need to work on this still.
7.  Organization.  not a total fail.  I'm doing a little bit at a time but still have a lot to do. 
8.  Home Improvement.  We did awesome with this.  We added backsplash to our kitchen.
We painted our living room and dining room.
We also painted and finished the girls room.
9.  Get in shape.  Can I plead the fifth?! 
10.  Eat healthier.  I have for the most part cut out all processed foods.  And I have not had a soda in over a year.  I have defiantly been much more aware of what I put into my body and shop more at Sprouts, Whole foods, and Trader Joe’s. 
11.  New place in AZ.  When we visited Flagstaff we made a stop at Walnut Canyon Monument. 
12.  New car.  Mommy did get some new wheels and I love them.
13.  The decision to expand our family.  Well there is no short answer for this however at this point we are content with our family. 

Happy 2014!

This year, like the past few, was spent in the safety of our home.  It was perfection! What better way to ring in the new year with the ones I love the most!





We had so much fun taking pictures with our New Year’s photo props. 




The girls had to get ready for our house party make up and all.  They are so cute!  And some dancing moments with Daddy. 


Shawn enjoyed lighting fireworks while us girls stuck to the sparklers. 


Keeping with past traditions we made snow crab.  This year we decided on surf n turf and added some steak.  Along side we had baked potato and a new favorite burnt baked broccoli.  So delicious!


The girls were asleep long before midnight.  So Shawn and I enjoyed a champagne toast and a midnight kiss just the two of us. 


Cheers to 2013


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