I had to post this video for us all to enjoy...

Christmas from Shannon DeLeon on Vimeo.



This year was super exciting, more so than past years, the girls actually understand the concept of Santa.

inside their tent

once we were done opening presents and I was able to get some composure after opening a very surprising gift my dear Santa.  That's right I finally got my Canon T3i.  Its a definite upgrade from my older camera.  It also has HD video.  So excited I'll be able to do more videos with HD and capture such great memories(my videos like from before will be much better quality).  Life is passing us by so quickly that pictures are great but video is amazing. I won't lie, I cried!  Shawn almost did too, it was a special moment.  We enjoyed some monkey bread or killer rolls not sure what their called but don't care!  So delicious!

Then we headed to my parents house.  minus one.  Shawn wasn't feeling well.  So just us girls went and despite not having my other half we had a great time.  

After visiting my family we stopped home and picked up Shawn to head over to Stacy and Dylan's house for dinner.  

After spending some quality time with family we headed to Shawn's parents house so girls can open yet more gifts.  They were so cute.  Ava said the CUTEST things.  When she was opening her stocking and found half a dozen of panties she kept saying "ewww"   She opened a hello kitty airplane and was so excited she blew Nana a kiss and said "thanks sugar"  They are just too funny. We had such a great Christmas and I hope you did too!


This year we took the girls to Bass Pro to see Santa.  We could not believe how much better the experience was compared to the malls.  Overpriced and you wait in line about 2 hrs too long.  Bass Pro has it figured out.  If the wait is longer than 30 minutes they give you a ticket kind of like Disneyland's fast pass.  You come back within that time.  We went on Monday to avoid the crowds.  When we got there Santa was on break but coming back in a few minutes. The wait was less than 30 minutes so didn't need a ticket we waited in line less than 10 minutes and we were with Santa.  Ava was so anxious to see the jolly man.  She told him everything she wanted and spoke up for Adisyn who was too shy to speak.  Adisyn was nervous to sit on his lap but did so and had a great smile too.


It was that time of year again.  Shawn's parents' annual Christmas Eve Party.  This years' theme was Redneck, Cowboy, or western.  The girls looks ah-dor-able!  Are you surprised?!  I absolutely love going and look forward to it every year.  This year was no exception.  Other than Shawn feeling terrible!  I felt so bad!  I'm my happiest when he is happy. Talk about bad timing.  He tried to make the best of it but was miserable, he couldn't even bare to have any beverage other than water.  Earlier that day I made him, despite his desire, to come in for fluids from an IV to get re-hydrated.

and of course minute to win it games

the kids got cute pjs.  A tradition. 

For the past 7 years that I have attended their Christmas Eve Party Shawn's grandmother had always read from the bible.  This year Kenny did. He did great and afterwards everyone sang "silent night" 

Once we were home the girls put out cookies for Santa and the reindeer.  They were so excited and putting them to bed was as easy as when they were infants.  They were sawing logs within' 10 minutes. 


Well did we make a mess with this or what?  We had so much fun, so it was worth it!  I hope to make this an annual tradition for us for years to come.  Both Shawn and I were under the weather so we tried to make the best of the situation.  The holidays only come once a year.

For funsies we made our first official family video.

christmas cookies with buble from Shannon DeLeon on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!



A tradition my little family has taken part of the past few years. 
We met up with Shawn’s parents and sister Kelly at San Tan Brewery to enjoy some good beer, yummy food, and watch ASU get creamed all over the football field.  It was such a fun night! 
Little did we know we had our photographer with us for the night!  Adisyn took all the, for the exception of the one of her and her sister, pictures from above.  She had so much fun taking them they turned out great!
After some grub we watched the end of the parade of lights.  Nana propped the girls on this scaffolding not knowing it was right next to the guy that was doing all the announcing for the parade, there was caution tape too, whoops. 
daddy and ava collage
The girls even got a picture with Cinderella and Ariel.  Ava went right up next to Cinderella although Adisyn was a bit shy.  She finally gave in and was so happy she did.  She kept asking if she could see the picture again and again.  Its practice for when we go to Disneyland next year. 
After the tree lighting they insisted we go back because they needed to tell them they have their Barbie!
Once we got home we hung out in our pjs and watched the girls sing with their lego microphone. 

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