New Addition to the family


So, Shawn has been wanting a dog for a long time!  My conditions were small dog that doesn't shed and low maintance.  Unexpectedly Remi came into our lives.  So far he is a joy to be with.  He is still a puppy with lots of energy but also knows how to chill.  The girls are a little jealous (especially Adisyn) but seem to do really well with him.  Remi is a great addition to our family and were happy the girls will have a dog at home to grow up with.

Remi (short for Remington) naturally Shawn thought of the name

Ava in his kennel

Adisyn in his kennel

Both of them in his kennel.  These girls are crazy

Superbowl XLV


                     Eventhough the Cardinals didn't make it this year.  Some of us still represented!

Sad to see football season go bye bye, but if you read the last post.  I have a feeling we'll manage just fine.

Wishes for the new year...

  One of my goals or wishes is to try one new restaurant at least once a month.  I have come to realize that sadly there are so many places and things I have yet to see or do here in this beautiful state, and the worst part is I'm a native!  Well that's all going to change this year.

Restaurant for Febuary 2011:  The Morning Glory at The Farm

The girls loved the birds

The restaurant was very kid friendly,  They have paper covering the tableclothes and the girls went to town with the provided colored pencils. 

They are such people watchers....

The Morning Glory is definetly recommended.  The food was delicious and the scenery is awesome too.  They are kid/pet (dog)  friendly.  We will be back someday!  Unfortunately Shawn wasn't able to go.  He spent the day at Sunrise snowboarding.

Shawn and I aspire to be more adventurous, not only with new food, but we have some exciting trips planned for this year and I can not wait.  

HOT AIR BALLOON ride for my 28th Birthday celebration

*PHOENIX ZOO for the girls 2nd Birthday (or something else that they would enjoy)

*BISBEE for anniversary

* 10 year HS reunion/Shawn's 25th Birthday celebration in LAS VEGAS

* Backpacking down the GRAND CANYON.  We are soooo excited for this one!  We plan to hike down early in the morning and camp at the bottom for possibly two nights.  We're only taking what we can fit on our backs.  We could take advantage of the mules, but the experience will be more exhilarating if we rough it out.  I have never been down in the Canyon but supposedly there are the most amazing waterfalls and fresh springs to drink from.  We are going with some experienced friends which makes me feel a little better. 

Fun Facts and Pictures of The Grand Canyon

*The Grand Canyon took 3-6 million years to form; erosion continues to alter its contours
*The Grand Canyon is a chasm 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide.
*No one has ever found a fossilized reptile skeleton or bone within the Grand Canyon. Fossil footprints were left by more than 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, but no teeth or bones!
*The Grand Canyon below Yavapai point is 2,400 feet above sea level, about 4,500 feet below the South Rim and 5,400 feet below the North Rim for an average depth of about one mile.
*There is a diverse population of life in the canyon, where over 1,500 plant, 355 bird, 89 mammalian, 47 reptile, 9 amphibian, and 17 fish species are found. The canyon offers a nearly undisturbed natural habitat through a range of elevations from desert to montane forests on the rims.


Can you believe this is in AZ?!

We can't leave of course without taking a freezing cold dip in this water! 

Nana's 50th Birhday Celebration

Everyone conspired together to celebrate a huge milestone in life for Nana.  She had no idea it was priceless!

Adisyn trying to escape Mommy

One of the most delicous cakes I have ever had!  Rum cake

Cerveza DeLeon

The Brewing had begun!  First brew was a Hefewiezen.  The taste was a little salty at first but quite good with an orange slice, according to our brew master Uncle D, it just needs more time to rest. 
We can't be perfect at everything... guess it will take time.


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