Last year the doctors I work for made a goal for us as a practice.  If we reached that goal we would all go to Disneyland.  Of course we are amazing and here we are...  The day started very early we arrived at the airport about 6:30am.  Unfortunately we had over an hour delay on the plane due to the catering carts not on the plane.  We all thought we were never going to get there.  Once we arrived in California we hopped on a bus that took us straight to Disneyland.  We all had such and amazing day.  We met at the bus again at the end of the day at 6 p.m. and then headed to the airport again.  I car pooled with a few people so by the time I got home it was almost 10 p.m.  Talk about a LONG day!  

My group started the day with a nice cold Tecate.

just a few of my Best work Friends

Standing in line forever was a little easier when we took a million pictures and goofed the entire time.  I'm sure everyone around us was so annoyed.  What can you do?  We were having a blast. 

My favorite ride Screamin' at California Adventures

Goofing off again

Marilyn drinking her Bud Light with a straw... She said it wasn't a good idea after all. 

My favorite all time ride at California Adventures: Screamin

My 2nd favorite ride...Tower of Terror.

We all had such a fabulous time!!!  I look forward to taking my kids there.

Happy Mother's Day


My Babies

Today was a fabulous day.  It started with all six of us (+ our fur babies) sleeping in and then heading over to Shawn's parents for a scrumptious breakfast.  The food was great and the company wasn't bad either. :-)  Once we were done mingling we headed to get some items we needed for linner.  We decided to host Mother's Day dinner linner at our place.  It was the first time hosting.  What was on the menu you might ask? ... carne asada tacos with homemade salsa and guacamole.  Of course it wasn't complete without a margarita or two.  Today was the best Mother's Day to date!

A sweet card my kids and hubby made

Another Mother's Day gift.
A steal from craigslist... teak wood table.  It does need some attention, hence the sander on top of it.  

I didn't take too many photos of the food... mostly because the margaritas got in the way. 

okay I need to work on my food photography. 

My favorite salsa recipe I have found.  Thanks Pioneer Woman!

 My family stayed over for awhile.  It was such a pleasure to have them over.  With all the running around the girls did not get a nap today.  They insisted on having a "pop" aka Popsicle.  Adisyn finished and cuddled up to me on the couch.  Ava seemed a little too quiet... little did we know she fell asleep.

Daddy carried her to her room.  First thing she said... "Where's my pop?"

I am so blessed and the luckiest girl in the world!!



Shawn has been so anxious to get a friend for Remi.  I finally caved in.  Monday Shawn brought home the most adorable cutest 5 month old puppy.  She is a full bred cocker spaniel.  So far she is such a fun dog to be with.  She is extremely playful even more than Remi.  When we first introduced the dogs we went to the park down the road to be a neutral location.  They interacted just fine... at first.  Lets just say  Remi is a tad jealous.  As the week has progressed he is warming up to her and beginning to play more often.

We are so happy to have Abby apart of our family... She's a great addition.

Cinco De Mayo


Happy Cinco De Mayo!  The girls' have authentic Mexican dresses so it was only appropriate they would wear them today!  They looked so darn cute!  We were invited to Alicia's house where we indulged in some great food, enjoyed her heated pool, and the company.  

My little senorita.  (I did not tell her to pose like this)

I forgot to bring the girls' swimsuit.  At first they had their feet in and then it turned to this... They had such a great time and didn't want to leave!  When I told Ava we we're leaving, she said I stay here, you go.  

Cousin Sam's first swim experience... He did so good and really seemed to enjoy the water. 

Later for dinner we wanted to keep the Mexican tradition of the day.  We made shredded chicken with spinach baked taquitos.  And sipped it down with Modelo.  They turned out Amazing! 

Warrior Dash


3.28 Miles... 12 obstacles...  We are WARRIORS!  with a medal to prove it! :)

I go through phases where I try to be a better runner.  So, when my Sister-In-Law told me about a groupon for the Warrior Dash I could not pass it up.  We all four jumped at the opportunity and I am so glad we did.  We all had fun, even Shawn.  He HATES running.

Shawn and I sporting our warrior pose

We enjoyed a nice cold beverage afterwards in our souvenir mugs.  Well deserved! 

Indulging in the food as well.  Nice turkey leg

Shawn and I both donated our shoes after the run.

Since I went with the intentions of donating my shoes, I unfortunately did not wear my good better ones.  I paid the price... at about mile 1.5 I felt a blister brewing on my right heal.  Each obstacle the pain got worse and worse.  At some point I decided to just run through the pain.  Likely slowed me down a little but nonetheless I'm just glad I didn't hurt myself more. I would post a picture of the blister but it is just too hideous.  Now, I am not hesitating buying some body glide, new running socks, and shoes.  My poor feet deserve them.  I am doing more runs starting the end of May so hopefully I will be more prepared.  

Our little warriors.  Thanks Tia for watching us!


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