To finish up Shawn's birthday month I convinced him that we needed to get away for a weekend.  We've been wanting to visit Bisbee, also known as Mayberry on acid, for years.  This past weekend we finally made it a priority to go.  I was so sad to leave the girls but it was much needed.  It had been three years since we had a vacation alone.

We were about half way there and the dark clouds began to roll in.

And then the crazy rain storm came.

I thought the drive would be a drab but once we got through Tucson it was really nice and much different than I expected.

When we arrived we headed straight to Old Bisbee Brewing Company.  We started with a flight.

We got a tour from their lead brewers, Sam.  They have a really cool setup, tight with space but cool. One thing that stood out to me as being somewhat ignorant was how sanitary everything was.  Top notch brewery.  And I'm kicking myself for not getting a filled growler.

 Had to get a pic of the infamous sign.

After drinks and a tour we walked to Queen Mine for a tour.  

It was interesting and I'm glad we went but we've checked that off the list and won't be doing it again. We probably were also anxious to end the tour about half way through because we started to get hangry.

After the tour it was time to check into our hotel.  We stayed at the San Ramon.  It was fine, the best part was the location.  We were laughing because it seems to fit most people as there was a bottle opener on the dresser and ear plugs on the nightstands.

As I mentioned above we were so hungry so we headed to Contessa's Cantina, a recommendation from the bartender at Old Bisbee Brewery.  Hands down the best chips and salsa ever!  So good!  We sat on the patio and enjoyed the view and the weather.

After dinner we headed back to where most of the bars are.  We played tourist for awhile and ended the night at St Elmo's Bar.  The decor was interesting with a claw machine filled with stuffed animals and adult unmentionables.

Friday night the town was somewhat dead and we were tired so we called it an early night and headed to the hotel.

Saturday we headed to breakfast to Ana's Seasonal Kitchen, another recommendation.  Ana prides herself on getting the freshest ingredients, hence the name.  Great food!

After breakfast we walked the streets and checked out some shops.  We found a store that had a bunch of old school candy that we had to get for the girls.  They loved the pop rocks.  And since Ava especially is all about her rock collection, we got them some awesome rocks we knew they'd love.  Later they told us we were the best.

We then headed to Beast Brewing.  There we had views of the San Jose mountains in Mexico and where I fell in love with their seasonal lime brew.

We then headed to Santiago's for some appetizers and another beer then it was back to Old Bisbee Brewery.  We enjoyed the patio and talked with a local for awhile until Colleen and her crew met us there.

Note: I was laughing because the lady taking the picture thought she was getting video and well I love one their IPA's.

We hung out on the patio enjoying the weather (it was sprinkling), the beers, each other, and popcorn.  We ended up being forced inside because it started pouring rain.  We were all huddled around one table in the small crowded brewery and when the rain wasn't stopping we decided to have another round of beers.  After that beer we braved the rain and headed to another bar.  It was at that point we decided we were just going to hang out together the rest of the night.  After some bar hopping we headed to dinner at the Screaming Banshee.  By the time we got there we were soaked.  Warm summer time rain is the best!

After dinner we headed back to St Elmo's for the live band and then called it a night.
The next morning we headed to Bisbee breakfast club.  Shawn ordered a "side" of biscuits and gravy. Whaaat!  It was huge.

I often have dreams of being an itinerant to see the world but for now while our kiddos are young these trips will have to do.  We had the best time and can't wait to go back.  We really want to check out the Kartchner Caverns sometime so hopefully that will be the perfect excuse.

We had some amazing family that watched our girls and we were so thankful.  Saturday they also watched their cousins.  I was hesitant, that's a lot of kids, but they insisted it was fine.



Ava and Adisyn have been obsessed with you tube videos.  They've been doing their own videos for a long time but we never posted any.  They finally convinced us to make their own channel and record a baking video.

It's not even close to expert quality but everyone starts somewhere, right?
They loved it!

Don't mind the noise of moving the camera around and Reece screaming in the background.  Needless to say we have some work to do.

They haven't been able to compromise with a name for their channel so we went with Ava's idea but it may be temporary.

Welcome to Ava and Adisyn's Club.


Father's Day started with a date night at home.  We sent the kids to bed at 7:30 (the girls watched a movie with popcorn and treats, Reece slept) while we watched a movie with peace and quiet.  It was nice and we decided we need to do it more often.
The next day Shawn went to the gun/hunting store alone and had the night to himself while I took the girls to a birthday party.  On Sunday, Father's Day we I made Shawn breakfast in bed.  A first for him.

Complete with his favorite breakfast biscuits and gravy with iced coffee and some good reads. I think he enjoyed it and was in bed until 10 a.m.

We then headed to Shawn's parents' house for some swimming but not before a foot massage.

All the Dads

And of course I had to get the little's.  These were taken just seconds apart.  Reece has been doing this thing where she gets shy, I'm guessing, and puts her head down.  Its the cutest but breaks my heart at the same time.

Okay fine, I'll look up but I'm not happy about it.

They are just the sweetest and Reece is finally catching up to her cousin.

We sure do love our guy!  Happy Father's Day, babe!



We celebrated Shawn's 30th up north, one of his favorite places to be.  I gave him tons of ideas, vacation, bbq, camping and he couldn't make a decision or didn't really care about doing something big.  It ended up being such a fun weekend and perfect for him.

We headed up the day of his birthday and came home Sunday.

I don't know how she sleeps like this.  I even packed them a pillow/big stuffed animal and she chose to sleep like this.

We did much of the same when we were there, hiked, hung out outside, and just spent quality time together.  There is nothing like watching the time go by.

Found a toad and played horse shoes

We also came across a calf resting in the shade.  At first we thought it was dead.  I think it was playing dead.  As Shawn got closer he noticed breathing.  We took a few pictures and then walked away in hopes that Mom will come back.  Shawn checked an hour or so later and it was still there and then a few hours after that it was gone.  The wild sure is amazing.

This little one did amazing and slept really well even though she wasn't in her crib.

We played with tattoos and hair dye the girls got for their birthday.

I didn't go as crazy but did put a small pink streak. Hard to tell.

We also made it to the Show Low park for Show Low Days.  Small towns are just the best!  We had so much fun.

Dippin' Dots first for these two.  They loved it!  While Dad and I enjoyed some local brews from Black Horse Brewery.  They have only a tap room but Shawn and I want to check it out one of these days we're lucky enough to have someone watch our kiddos.

They rode rides and went on blow up slides.

Face painting

Rode ponies
 Watched a gun show, contemplated buying some fried frog legs, and checked out the vendors.

We sure do love our guy!

Happy 30th, my love!


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