Thirty Five 13


(Our new house #)

We LOVE our red door!

Home Sweet Home!  This past Friday Shawn and I finally closed on our home!  The past four months struggling to get into our home has absolutely consumed us!  It is such a relief to have what we worked so hard to get!  We both look forward to the days now when we don't have the title company or the lender or the builder to deal with on a daily basis.  The best thing about our home in my opinion is the location.  We are so excited to add our personality and make our house a home.  I'm sure a lot of posts in the future will be our improvements and my pinterest inspiration.

TWO Year Anniversary!

Wow!  Can not believe how fast it has gone by.  Being married to Shawn is the very best thing!  (other than my two angels).  Shawn keeps me grounded when the world around us seems to be caving in.  I love him more deeply than I have ever believed was possible.  I could not imagine my life without him in it!  Even though we have been married for two years, since we have been together life has taken in us a direction we never imagined.  The past four plus years we have had 4 vehicles, lived in 3 homes, had 2 babies, got married, and most recently just bought our first home TOGETHER.  I'm certain not many can say the same. It's been fun but CRAZY!

This year our anniversary landed one week after the girls birthday and one week before we closed on our home.  Nonetheless it was a low key celebration.  We decided to try out Brio for dinner.  It was good!  If I were to return I would only get the bruchetta.  That's how amazing it was!

I love you Shawn and look forward to growing old with you!  Happy Two Year!

The Willy


My Father-In-Law recently bought a Willy.  Shawn is just as excited about it if not more!  They have spent a lot of quality time working on it.  This will be a huge project!

This was taken after some destruction has already started but you the idea what it looked like "before"

Fortunately Stacy and Dylan live close by.  The boys needed the extra strength to get the shell off. 

Driving with a beer and no car body... Redneck much?!

Finally done for the day.

Afterwards Kelly and Kenny came over for a nice dinner.  The girls wanted to play in their walker. 

When they're done for the day... they're not really done!

Happy Birthday Ava and Adisyn


Today was the Girls' Birthday.  We had planned to go to the zoo.  Unfortunately, the girls (Adisyn mostly) were not feeling well.  Adisyn didn't even play with any of her new toys.  Poor Adisyn.  We all three snuggled on my bed and watched Cars.  Adisyn finally fell asleep so I needed to get Ava out of the room pronto so she didn't wake her sister.

poor baby

Ava and I came up with an idea...

We made a card!

We later mentioned ice cream and the girls were not sick enough to pass that opportunity.  So we finished their Birthday with a nice treat from Froyona. 

Happy 3rd Birthday To My Beautiful Angels Ava and Adisyn.  
Mommy and Daddy love you too much!


The morning of Easter began with the girls checkin' out what the Easter Bunny left for them in their baskets.  Of course with the busyness of the Girls' Birthday I forgot to get their baskets which were in their room. I snuck inside their room and took them without them noticing.    

Then we headed outside for the girls to find eggs.  
 ... Adisyn was so cute!!!!
She would find an egg and jump up and down and say "me find it, me find it!"

Then we headed to Freestone Park where we had planned a picnic.  Little did we know that was a popular idea.  It was so packed we couldn't even find a spot in the shade.  So we headed to my Mom's house.

Brock is super busy and into EVERYTHING.  Boys are definitively different than girls.  

Uncle DJ hid the eggs for the girls over and over... it was cute to see. 

After we left my Mom's house the girls were beat!!  Ava didn't even open her eyes getting her out of the car.  We layed them down for a nap and we (Shawn and I) made our way to the traditional Easter celebration at the park.  The "park" is a grassy area in between Shawn's Grandparents and his Aunt. Once the girls woke up we all four headed over.  The girls had a blast jumping on the trampoline.  Its always so nice to spend quality time with family just sitting around.  LOVE IT!!!  Once we got home the girls were so dirty.  Bath time was a priority. 

The girls insisted their Easter balloons needed a bath too.

Cheers to a Fabulous Easter!!!!

Zero Three!!

Ava Renee and Adisyn Rose...

Ava Renee: 4lbs 4oz
17" long
Born @ 12:37pm April 9, 2009
Adisyn Rose: 3lbs 9oz
16" long
Born @ 12:38 April 9, 2009






The time had finally come.  The celebration of the girls' Birthday.  We had a great turn out and the girls had a ton of fun!  We decided to rent a bounce castle.  After lots of research I found a company with very reasonable prices.  Through all the craziness with the house that is one thing I was good at planning.

The Pink Castle

Remi... being the weird dog that he is had to be apart of the action as well.  we had to keep kicking him out!

This is my last minute attempt of a Candy Bar (idea from Pinterest)

Since we had the candy bar, which we knew the girls would prefer over cake.  WE had to sing and have them blow out their candles. 

Ava taking a minute to relax

Adisyn showing Daddy how old she is

presents, presents, and more presents

Ava was so adorable.  She had to show everyone what she was getting.  This photo she's showing off her coloring book. 

The girls got a baby alive.  They loved it!

The newest chefs to the family!

We are so very fortunate to have such amazing family and friends.  We Love You All!!!

Art Festival


Shawn and I thought it would be fun to get out of the house for a bit and head to Tempe Arts Festival. Neither of us have ever been but we do plan on going back.  We didn't know what to expect at first, but we actually had a great time.  We took the girls with us and they did so good!  They're people watchers too.

This was one of the coolest things to see there.  This lady was on stilts and she had a Chinese dragon puppet with her.   This was the best photo I could get without standing there forever. 

Mill Ave. 

All the walking around we got hungry.  We stopped by this little place called fuzzy's.  Wasn't the most amazing food, but extremely affordable.  Our lunch including drinks was twenty bucks.  They had Hefeweizen San Tan in a very generous glass for $3.  

I love the times and memories we share together.  

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