GiRls DaY WiTh MomMy


Although life gets very hectic. My girls keep me so happy and grounded. They are learning new things every single day and keeping us very very busy. They are both pulling themselves on their feet and getting into everything and going everywhere. Lately has been a little rough with the teething. Ava has all four of her upper teeth about to erupt, one of which is barely poking through. Adisyn doesn't quite have any yet. By the mood she has been in I know she will be very soon. I am so fortunate enough to spend some really good quality time with them. This is a day with the just the three of us.
Laundry time

I am the LUCKIEST mom in the WoRLd

Adisyn loved playing with this bag

ADoraBle AVA

AdOrabLe Adisyn

Adisyn made laugh forever doing this...

AVA LoVes Mirrors

Playing with make up brushes already...

Nothing like BathTime

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Catching up


Well, it has been awhile. Things have been very hectic! This past sunday was the half marathon I had been dreading. I didn't train the way I should have and I certainly paid the price! It was a huge accomplishment especially after having twins and the complications associated with being pregnant. My time was 3:12 and some seconds. Next time my goal will be under 3 hours. However, I made a promise to myself the only way I would do again is if I trained properly. I am guilty of being like most moms. I put my family and my house before me. One of my resolutions is to focus on taking care of myself, it will make me a better mom and soon to be wife. The girls are doing wonderful. Ava just got her third tooth coming in! I can not believe they will be 1 soon! Its so surreal! Also, we have been busy planning the wedding. Its coming along and I can not wait!! Its going to be the wedding of the year for sure! We have been getting the agenda organized for our honeymoon to Puerto Rico. It is going to be a great experience for Shawn and I. We will be staying for 6 days... so far we are planning to go to Culebra to see Flamenco beach the 2nd most beautiful beach in the world. Culebra is where the natives go for a vacation which is also where we plan to do some snorkeling. Also on the agenda is to go ziplining in the forrest and hiking the waterfalls. Somewhere between relaxing on the beach, lots of shopping and site seeing, we plan to go to Vieques Island to go kayaking in the infamous bioluminecence bay. Both of us are kind of freaked out about kayaking at night but we feel it will be an unforgetable experience. We are in desperate need a of a get away so we are thrilled!! I promise to blog more frequently for those of you that actually follow us:)


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