Potty training in session


I am hoping we have bought the last package of diapers today.  We are planning to take the money we spend on diapers, which is rather large and included in our monthly budget, to now be devoted to the girls savings account.  While we were out I went to the dollar store and loaded up on potty treats for the girls! I also bought them some more panties, we went through a lot last time!

Potty Treat Basket

Easter Sunday

Since Easter is my Mom's favorite holiday I promised her we could spend the entire day with her and the rest of the family.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so nice and comforting to be around all of them.  Before we headed to my Brothers' house for breakfast we had an egg hunt with Nana and Papa!  It was very entertaining to say the least.  Shawn and I snuck out while the girls were occupied.  We filled eggs with goodies and hid them in 2 year old friendly places (which ended up being dog places too).  Once all the eggs had been found we had a great time with the confetti eggs.  Nana and Papa got the girls their own soccer ball and let me tell you Adisyn is following in her Aunt Stacy's footsteps when it comes to soccer.  She is really good for a 2 year old! 

Nana trying to help the girls find the eggs

Ava sptted one!

She was really excited for what was inside

Ava... uh she was so adorable!  Once she found an egg she had to quickly consume all the candy inside before she could hunt for another egg.  I need to teach her a thing about hunting for eggs.

Adisyn saying "cheese"

Just after Nana got Papa over the head with the confetti egg

Easter baskets for the girls and Brock.. From Grandma

My beautiful sister Victoria

Precious Brock

Shawn and DJ tried forever to get these kites to fly.  It was funny to watch!  (they never did get them to fly, but in their defense they were bought at the dollar store so who knows the quality).

Gandma and Ava

Grandpa showing the girls the fun stuff they got. 

 After a long fun day with lots of candy and no naps.  The girls were asleep before we even left the neighborhood!  Rough Day!

Spring FUN!


Potty Training 101.  Oh geeze this is probably the hardest thing so far that I have had to face with teaching my girls about growing up and being little ladies.  I know they'll get it with a lot of work.  My plan is to buy some toys from the dollar store and store them in a basket.  Whenever they go potty, they get to pick a treat.  I am also thinking of doing a potty chart with stickers.  I'll keep you posted on the progress. 

Since it is starting to get really warm  hot outside.  I bought the girls refillable popsicles and we have put them to use a lot so far.  They love them!

The afternoon of our Anniversary we felt it was only appropriate to spend sometime with the girls and do something special with them.  Especially because we didn't get to see them for two days.  So we took them to get frozen yogurt.  They have found a new love.  We went to this little place called Yo Love.  It was delicous!  They have about 10 choices of yogurt to choose from, then you pile on your toppings and they weigh it for a price.  Pretty cool idea!

Ava took no time to indulge!

Adisyn kept up with her

Definetely worth a try!

Today was a BUSY but FUN day!
We started the day by cleaning and trying to organize more.  Our usual Monday routine.  As we were relocating some of the girls old stuff Ava couldn't resist the temptation to use them at least once more.  It was too cute to not capture.

LOL, she is twice the capacity size. How they grow!

This is her favorite!  I thought she was gonna take her nap in it!

Once the girls woke up from their nap, we decided to have lunch outside.  It was fun!

Mommy with no make up...Yikes! 

Once lunch was over we headed to the pool to dip our feet in and cool down a little.

 The girls enjoyed the water sooo MUCH!  Adisyn decided to sit in the water and got her dress wet.  Which led to the next event... SWIMMING!

 The girls had a great time and so did we!  They're going to be little fish this summer!  Once Adisyns' teeth began to chatter we thought time to get out of the water and dry off.  Then we played with some bubbles but the wind was too much and we couldn't chase them.  Shawn said... "it would be nice to have a kite!"  Next thing we know we've got the girls and took a trip to Hobby Lobby.  Shawn insited on the double string kite... which he was unsuccessful at flying.  I on the other hand got my (traditional) kite up several times.  The girls had fun hanging out with us watching us run all around the yard.  We felt like kids again!  It was such a great day! 

Happy ONE year!


Our first Anniversary was spent in beautiful Show Low. We had a great time relaxing! We took friday off of work and headed up as early as possible for parents of two! Once we arrived we unloaded our stuff and headed to the store for some munchies and drinks. Most of the weekend was consumed of much needed naps! Friday we enjoyed the cooler weather while hanging out outside playing games, relaxing and sipped on some yummy drinks. We started to get hungry and neither of us wanted to cook. So we headed to Native... mostly because it was close. Lets just say its a good thing we didn't go to Show Low for the food! We went to bed early and slept in, then enjoyed some good food for breakfast at White Mountain. Followed by a you guessed it another nap. We did some exploring but mostly enjoyed the peace and quite and scenery. Thanks to pandora we had some good tunes to go along with it.

Remi on the ride up... under the seat, which is where he spent most of the time

This is pretty much what we did all weekend, when we weren't napping

Happy Anniversary,  I love you Shawn!

Exploring in the woods, looking for traces of elk

Imagine this being your backyard!

To our Moms:  Thank you so much for taking care of our little ones so we could get some time away!
To my Husband:  Yet another year has past without going completely crazy!  I am so thankful to share my life with you!  I find comfort in knowing that no matter what we're doing or where we are in life,  I have you by my side through it all!  I enjoyed our talk and can not wait for the future!  I love you so much!  Happy One Year!



Today we took the girls across the street to feed the ducks.  They LOVED it!! At first Ava would not let go of my arm but as time went on she got more relaxed.  Adisyn couldn't wait to get out the wagon.  She immediately began throwing the bread, some of them making it in the water and some not.  It was so cute to watch.  Then Ava being the big eater that she is, before we could say NOOOOO..... grabbed soggy bread out of the water and took a juicy bite.  Guess she figured the ducks get some why don't I.  We all had a great time!

Beautiful Day


the bread Adisyn threw.... almost got in the water

Daddy's Girls

They wanted to pull the wagon by themselves.  They are becoming so independent

Sisterly love <3


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