Tis The Season


Jessica and Mahriah are two of my Best Friends.  We don't always get the chance to see each other but when we do it's like we never skipped a beat in each others lives.  This year we decided to get together before Christmas and spend some much needed girl time and catch up.  We had a great time!  We went to dinner (Kona Grill...yummo) and exchange some gifts.  Also, Mahriah had just recently finished writing a book. 
So proud of her and so excited to read it!

Mahriah and Jessica

Me and Mahriah

Jessica and Me (sharing on the most amazing yet very strong drinks)

Jessica and Me

The Three Amigos

Every year Shawns' Parents host a Christmas Eve party.  It is always a great time!  It gives the entire family, that we normally don't see,  a chance to mingle.  Here is a display of the fam at its finest...

As the night was coming to an end.  The entire family got a gift.  A beer brewing kit... Watch out Brewmasters were taking over.

The girls screamed once again getting close to Santa... Don't get your feelings hurt Santa.  Maybe next year.

CHRISTMAS at The DeLeons'

Since we live in AZ and its not always common to have a fireplace.  I found this clever idea to paint a tree branch white and that's where we hung our stockings... So cute!

Santa Clause certainly took great care of the girls this year!

Ava and Adisyn on their new BIKES!!!

The only problem... They loved them so much they didn't want to get off the bikes to see what else Santa had brought them.

Once we got ready we headed over to my Parents house where we indulged in a great breakfast feast!

Fresh home made waffles...mmm

 Grandma and Adisyn
 Brother DJ and sister Katy and of course baby Wrenn... possibly named Brock. Still to be decided.

The whole family!

After we left my family we headed to Stacy and Dylans' house for some more celebration and great food!  Unfortunately we were so tired we didn't stay long.  Shawn and I are very appreciative for the love and gifts for us and the girls.  No one would ever believe they're spoiled.  (yeah right!)  Shawn and I spent at least three hours going through older toys and upgrading with the new ones.  It was a long night although it is so fun to see them have a blast with all of their new stuff. Merry Christmas!


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