The DeLeon twins


Today was the 24 week doctors appt! We got to hear the heartbeats again, both going strong. We have made it to the point where they will survive outside of mommy's tummy, heaven forbid they come this soon! Right now I'm measuring 35 weeks..that is if we were having just a singleton if you thought I was big you're right!!! Shawn is wishing for 10 lbs each ..not likely to happen my dear, but I have a mothers intuition that they will each be a healthy weight at birth.


Anonymous said...

grandma/pa DeLeon really like the blog...keep it up...tell Shawn to take a gallon jug and see what it's like to pass you the way we love our baby's names.

Anonymous said...

we ae so so excited for you guys! cant wait to meet your lil angel babies!
love jeremy and jodi


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