New Camera


So its no question that babies grow up FAST!  Shawn and I decided to invest in a nice camera.  We want to be able to capture precious moments of our angels growing up.  Most of the time our conversations go something like this..."wait I missed it, can you make them do that again!" Well not anymore with this new camera.  We all had fun with it yesterday.  Especially Aunt Stacy.  Now its a matter of learning how to use it to its full capacity.  We thought about going to a photography class.  Technology these days is both awesome and completely over my head.  Anyway back to the girls.  We now have two army crawlers.  They are already getting into stuff they aren't supposed to.  We have to be really good about getting things off the floor because they will scoot there way over to it for sure.  They almost seem more interested in newspapers and wires more then their toys.  Today is their doctors appt.  We are seeing a new doctor due to a change of insurance.  We only hope they are just as awesome.  Keep updated with the blog.  We will be practicing with our little to none photography skills.

Happy Birthday week to our aunt Kelly.
Love, Ava and Adisyn.... muah


Tara Bowman said...

Hey I would happy to help you out with your new camera. Give you a few pointers if you want.

Shannon and Shawn said...

that would be awesome!!


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