Snow Day


Shawn and I were so excited to take the girls to see the snow.  New Years Eve weekend we got the chance.  Driving up to Show Low was fun...NOT!  To be honest it wasn't bad but I think I aged my husband a little bit more than usual that day.  I was so nervous and back seat driving just a little bit.  (On the way back home I made a promise to myself unbeknownst to Shawn to not say one word about his driving, especially if I didn't want to drive).  Fortunatley the girls were troopers and handled the snow much better than I did when I was their age.  They didn't really smile or cry so, I couldn't quite tell what they thought.  We had fun and I had never seen snow so fresh.  We look forward to taking the girls at least once a year to play in the snow.  Perhaps next year they can actually play in it.

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