Easter Sunday


Since Easter is my Mom's favorite holiday I promised her we could spend the entire day with her and the rest of the family.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so nice and comforting to be around all of them.  Before we headed to my Brothers' house for breakfast we had an egg hunt with Nana and Papa!  It was very entertaining to say the least.  Shawn and I snuck out while the girls were occupied.  We filled eggs with goodies and hid them in 2 year old friendly places (which ended up being dog places too).  Once all the eggs had been found we had a great time with the confetti eggs.  Nana and Papa got the girls their own soccer ball and let me tell you Adisyn is following in her Aunt Stacy's footsteps when it comes to soccer.  She is really good for a 2 year old! 

Nana trying to help the girls find the eggs

Ava sptted one!

She was really excited for what was inside

Ava... uh she was so adorable!  Once she found an egg she had to quickly consume all the candy inside before she could hunt for another egg.  I need to teach her a thing about hunting for eggs.

Adisyn saying "cheese"

Just after Nana got Papa over the head with the confetti egg

Easter baskets for the girls and Brock.. From Grandma

My beautiful sister Victoria

Precious Brock

Shawn and DJ tried forever to get these kites to fly.  It was funny to watch!  (they never did get them to fly, but in their defense they were bought at the dollar store so who knows the quality).

Gandma and Ava

Grandpa showing the girls the fun stuff they got. 

 After a long fun day with lots of candy and no naps.  The girls were asleep before we even left the neighborhood!  Rough Day!

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Dylan & Stacy said...

Super cute! Glad that Ava has the soccer touch :).


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