We took the girls for a walk and decided to let them play on the playground nearby. They had so much fun! Before we left they were going down the slide all by themselves! They amaze me!

The girls have started showing more and more interest in the potty!  So I made them their very own potty chart!  So far they love it and its working impressively well!  Each time they go pee they get one piece of candy and a sticker, each time they go poop (which I have yet to witness) they get two pieces of candy and two stickers.  I think they feel proud when they see on their chart how well they are doing.  So far today Ava has 3 stickers and Adisyn has 2!  Very proud Momma!
Notice the baby that Ava will not put down!

Today I also took the girls to visit a new doctor, one that is closer to home.  They had to get two shots today and they didn't cry even one bit!  First time ever!  They are getting so big!  Also some good news they are now in the 25 percentile for their height and weight.  Still little beans but they are growing normal!

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