September Photo Extravaganza


Instead of making a new blog entry for every picture I take I've decided to do a photo extravaganza!  I recently took a photography class and learned a lot!  I now know so much more about my cameras and the basics for what it takes to make a good photo a great photo.  Photography has become one of my newest passions.  I did realize that I have some shopping to do!  Eventually I need to invest in a few more items.

My Wish List:

50mm lens which I want to use for getting close up pictures with blur background (just one of the many things you can do with this lens)

70-300 lens
When Shawn and I took the girls to California we saw dolphins way out in the distance.  If you look squint or get the magnify glass out, you can see a blackish blob in the water.  Well with this lens that same photo would look like we're right next to them.  Mega zoom capabilites with this bad boy!

Who wants to take a photo with the flash beaming in your eyes.  Well this flash has some really cool features that allows you to capture light in your photo without seeing white spots for a few minutes. 

And... last but not least.  I learned about a new photo editing program that is much more user friendly then the current elements that we have.  Which is really exciting! 

Okay enough about that now back to the extravaganza...

Cardinal Pride

The most amazing homemade breakfast Shawn and I have ever made!  Biscuits and Gravy, fresh fruit, and french toast sandwich with eggs, bacon, drizzle of syrup and cheese.  This sandwich hit the spot.  It has the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the syrup!  Uh-mazing!!!!!!!!!

just before we left Adisyn decided to bury her feet in the sand! LOL so cute!

Watching Dumbo

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Dylan & Stacy said...

That breakfast looks super yummy. We'll have to do brunch sometime.


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