Freestone Park


Since my Mom is having surgery on Tuesday and won't be released from the hospital until Friday.  We had an early family get together.  We all had soooo much fun!  We decided to go to Freestone Park!  Such a beautiful park.  

Feeding the ducks

Grandma and her grandson

They had such pretty ducks

As we were taking a walk to the bathroom.  I caught Adisyn putting some left over bread her pocket to give the ducks when we got back.  LOL so cute!

It took me three times to get this picture

My beautiful Sister and Mom

Brock was not too sure about the train

Uncle DJ in the back ground saying "choo-choo" to Adisyn

We had the train all to ourselves

Grandpa trying to fish the frisbee out of the water

Nothing beats FAMILY

Adisyn enjoying the weather with the windows down on the way home

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