Sam Robert Mealey


Sam Robert Mealey
7lbs. 3oz.
20.5 in long
1-20-12 @ 1:35pm

I find myself overwhelmed with emotions looking at this picture.  I love him so much already!  I am so excited to watch this little boy grow and for my children to have a cousin to play with.  Stacy and Dylan will make fabulous parents and I could not be happier for them!  

Waking up on Friday the day of to a text message from Connie.  Stacy's water broke they're putting her in a room!  Shawn and I went about our morning with a knot in our stomach.  We had so many emotions going through us... excitement, nervousness (for Stacy), anxious, and the list goes on.  I worked so hard at work to get off early and as soon as I got the word plans may change for the delivery.  I quickly got to the hospital.  I remember how many family members came to see us and how happy it made us feel.  Even if I didn't get to see Sam I just wanted Stacy to know I was there supporting her!  We waited and waited and finally we got to go see him.  In the waiting room.  Everyone was on a pins and needles but nothing like Sam's grandparents.  It was so cool to see the excitement that came over Colleen she was so overwhelmed and couldn't stop moving or talking.  Being a Grandma for the first time brought a lot of emotion to her and some tears especially the first time Dylan came out with the biggest smile I had ever seen.  It was an amazing day!  A day none of us will ever forget!  We all love you Sam!

Everyone greeting Dylan

Uncle Shawn with his nephew

Proud Daddy!

What's a post without these girls... 

Adisyn stood in front of this mirror for awhile.  So funny!

The girls waited with everyone at the hospital for HOURS.  They did so good!  They are very excited to meet their cousin!

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