The morning of Easter began with the girls checkin' out what the Easter Bunny left for them in their baskets.  Of course with the busyness of the Girls' Birthday I forgot to get their baskets which were in their room. I snuck inside their room and took them without them noticing.    

Then we headed outside for the girls to find eggs.  
 ... Adisyn was so cute!!!!
She would find an egg and jump up and down and say "me find it, me find it!"

Then we headed to Freestone Park where we had planned a picnic.  Little did we know that was a popular idea.  It was so packed we couldn't even find a spot in the shade.  So we headed to my Mom's house.

Brock is super busy and into EVERYTHING.  Boys are definitively different than girls.  

Uncle DJ hid the eggs for the girls over and over... it was cute to see. 

After we left my Mom's house the girls were beat!!  Ava didn't even open her eyes getting her out of the car.  We layed them down for a nap and we (Shawn and I) made our way to the traditional Easter celebration at the park.  The "park" is a grassy area in between Shawn's Grandparents and his Aunt. Once the girls woke up we all four headed over.  The girls had a blast jumping on the trampoline.  Its always so nice to spend quality time with family just sitting around.  LOVE IT!!!  Once we got home the girls were so dirty.  Bath time was a priority. 

The girls insisted their Easter balloons needed a bath too.

Cheers to a Fabulous Easter!!!!

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