Labor Day Weekend


We had such a great weekend.  Like usual it went by too fast!  It wasn’t until last minute we decided to head up to Show Low for some down time, exploring, and cooler weather.  Prior to heading up north we planned to have craft time with our girls.  So Fun!

Home Depot host a kids workshop the first Saturday of every month.  Best part is its completely free!  So, we did not hesitate to take complete advantage of it.  The girls got an apron with their name and pin with the project they completed.  They did really good but lost focus from time to time looking at all the other kids working.  We got to spend some real quality time with them and we had fun doing it.  I am hoping to make this a monthly routine since it was so awesome. 











HD girls


Once we got home we started packing and headed on the road. 






Sunday morning Shawn and I went for a hike.  Being in the mountains is so peaceful.  Feels as though all of the stresses in life are diminished.  Fortunately we brought ampule amount of H2O because our GPS for some reason wasn’t updating and we got a little off track on our way back.  I wasn’t complaining.  I loved being there.  Once we got back and freshened up a little we headed to one of our favorite places.  Moose Henri’s.  I enjoyed the sampler {craft beers} once again and was not disappointed.  For lunch I had some jalapeno cole slaw and cheeseburger with pepper jack and avocado.  Not diet approved but good.  

Sunday night Shawn and I enjoyed the night time crisp air in the hot tub {alone}.  We talked for several hours and even saw a few shooting stars.  Memorable night.  Memorable trip.

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